[ecoop-info] POSTDOC Positions in Lisbon (Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Research Project)

Luís Caires luis.caires at di.fct.unl.pt
Thu Aug 13 14:27:34 CEST 2009

We welcome applications for two (2) post-doctoral scholarships.

                *** DEADLINE 15 OCTOBER 2009 ****

The positions are funded by the research project "Certified Interfaces
for Integrity and Security in Extensible Web-based Applications", in
the context of the Carnegie Mellon-Portugal partnership, an
international research / educational initiative launched by FCT, the
portuguese national science foundation (see www.cmuportugal.org).

Project partners are CITI FCT UNL (L. Caires), LASIGE FC UL
(V. Vasconcelos), Carnegie Mellon CSD (F. Pfenning), and industrial  
OutSystems SA. The hosting environment will be the PLT Group at CITI
(leading site) for the first position and the GLOSS Group at LASIGE  
for the
second position, with extended visits to Carnegie Mellon Department of
Computer Science. More information about the research environment may
be found at websites of the hosting institutions.

The objective of the project is the development of techniques for
enforcing security, integrity, and correctness requirements on
distributed extensible web-based applications by introducing novel,
semantically rich notions of interface description languages, based on
advanced type systems and logics, such as resource / epistemic logics
and behavioral / session types. We seek applicants with strong
interest in some of the following topics: programming language design
and implementation, programming logics and types, verification, and

The contracts are for the 3 years duration of the project.
Administrative rules applicable may be found in the FCT/MCTES site in

Applications should include a curriculum vitae in pdf format, contact
details for three referees, and should be sent to

CITI - Centro de Informatica e Tecnologias da Informação
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia,
Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2829-516 Caparica,

E-mail: citi-admin(at)di.fct.unl.pt
URL: citi.di.fct.unl.pt
Telephone: +351 212 948 536
Fax: +351 212 948 541

Please email us for any further questions about the positions and the
related research project,

Best regards,

Luis Caires (luis.caires(at)di.fct.unl.pt)
Frank Pfenning (fp(at)cs.cmu.edu)
Vasco Vasconcelos (vv(at)di.fct.unl.pt)
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