[ecoop-info] Problem posting to ecoop-info although I'm subscribed

Dirk Craeynest Dirk.Craeynest at cs.kuleuven.be
Sun Aug 30 22:05:36 CEST 2009

Dear administrator of the ecoop-info mailing list,

I just received the appended moderation message upon my posting of the
Call for Papers for the Ada-Europe 2010 conference.

Please note that since many, many years, I am subscribed to the
ecoop-info mailing list, and as Publicity Chair for the Ada-Europe
conference series I have posted each year the Call for Papers and the
Call for Participation to the ecoop-info list.

I obviously was subscribed as well, and continue to receive messages
posted to the ecoop-info list (most recently 2 messages on August 27).

So, I am quite surprised to read this moderation message, as if I would
not be subscribed to the list.

Can you please look into what went wrong, and either inform me what I
should do, or forward our CfP to the list anyway?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Dirk.Craeynest at cs.kuleuven.be, Ada-Europe'2010 Publicity Chair

*** 15th Intl.Conf.on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe'2010
*** June 14-18, 2010 *** Valencia, Spain *** http://www.ada-europe.org

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