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============== EUROSYS 2010 ===============

EUROSYS is organised by EuroSys, the European Chapter of SIGOPS,  
sponsored by ACM
SIGOPS. It is organized in cooperation with INRIA, CNAM and ACM SIGOPS  
France (ASF).

The EuroSys conference series brings together professionals from  
academia and industry.
It has a strong focus on systems research and development: operating  
systems, data base
systems, real-time systems and middleware for networked, distributed,  
parallel, or
embedded computing systems. As a highly recognized conference - rank  
11 out of 581 in
terms of 2007 CiteSeer impact factor - EuroSys has become a premier  
forum for
discussing various issues of systems software research and  
development, including
implications related to hardware and applications.

EuroSys 2010 will follow the pattern established by the previous  
EuroSys conferences,
by seeking papers on all aspects of computer systems. EuroSys 2010  
will also include
a number of workshops to allow junior and senior members of the  
systems community
to explore leading-edge topics and ideas before they are presented at  
a conference.


Submission deadline: October 19, 2009

Conference dates: April 13-16, 2010

Conference location: Paris, France


General page: http://eurosys2010.sigops-france.fr

Call for papers: http://eurosys2010.sigops-france.fr/calls.html#papers
Call for workshops: http://eurosys2010.sigops-france.fr/calls.html#workshops
Call for tutorials: http://eurosys2010.sigops-france.fr/calls.html#tutorials


General chair: Christine Morin, INRIA, France

Program chair: Gilles Muller, EMN/INRIA, France

Program committee:
Emmanuel Cecchet, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Adam Dunkels, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Elmootazbellah Elnozahy, IBM Austin
Sasha Fedorova, Simon Fraser University
Pascal Felber, University of Neuchâtel
Ashvin Goel, University of Toronto
Jacob Gorm Hansen, VmWare
Robert Grimm, New York University
Gernot Heiser, University of New South Wales
Michael Hohmuth, AMD
Anne-Marie Kermarrec, INRIA Rennes
Kristoph Kirsch, University of Salzburg
Jim Larus, Microsoft Research Redmond
Julia Lawall, University of Copenhagen
Fernando Pedone, University of Lugano
John Regher, University of Utah
Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, University of Erlangen
Marc Shapiro, INRIA Paris
Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University
Neeraj Suri, TU Darmstad
Eno Thereska, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Paulo Verissimo, University of Lisboa
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