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Greg Gicca gicca at adacore.com
Mon Jun 15 14:14:26 CEST 2009

SIGAda Conference:

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Let me introduce myself.  I am Greg Gicca and am the conference chair
for this years SIGAda conference.  The conference will be held the first
week of November in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  We will in fact be
right on the bay at a location that is easily accessible from the Tampa
international airport and only 1-1/2 hour drive away from Orlando for
those that might find it more convenient to fly into that airport.

We have 3 very interesting expert keynote speakers that will speak to
issues involved in:

1) Developing and maintaining large safety critical systems with
experience with NASA, Home Land Security and the FAA.
2) Developing certified applications for both safety critical medical
systems and high security research projects for the NSA.
     In this case using the statically verifiable SPARK language.
3) Lastly we have a presentation on a dual perspective from a Raytheon
CTO who has worked on both the government and contractor side of the street.
     This presentation will provide an understanding as to why a program
manager may view the use of Ada as a benefit in a contract proposal and
how a contractor may make a case that it is advantageous to propose the
use of Ada in new project development.

For further details on these speakers, their backgrounds and
presentations, see:


We're actively seeking Technical Articles, Extended Abstracts,
Experience Reports, Panel Sessions, Workshops, and Tutorials on the Ada
programming language and related technologies for developing, analyzing,
and certifying reliable, safe, secure software.  The full set of topics
can be found at the below link:


Please contact the SIGAda 2009 Program Chair, Lt. Col. Jeff Boleng
(Jeff.Boleng at usafa.edu) if you are interested in submitting a paper.
Abstracts must be submitted by the deadline listed.  Final papers may
then be submitted up until July 15th.  Following an abstract submission
and acceptance, presentations must be available 1 month prior to the
conference date.

Feel free to contact myself or Jeff if you have any questions regarding
the conference or paper/presentation abstract submissions.

Greg Gicca
SIGAda 2009 Conference Chair
gicca at adacore.com
646-375-0734 office
727-944-5197 fax
603-785-5920 cell

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