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                       Call for Papers

      9th International Workshop on Graph Transformation 
         and Visual Modeling Techniques (GT-VMT 2010)


    Satellite Event of ETAPS 2010, Cyprus -- March 20-21, 2010

* Scope *
  GT-VMT 2010 is the ninth workshop of a series that serves as a forum
  for  all researchers  and  practitioners interested  in  the use  of
  graph-based notation,  techniques, and tools  for the specification,
  modeling,  validation,  manipulation  and  verification  of  complex
  systems.  The  aim  of   the  workshop  is  to  promote  engineering
  approaches  that provide  effective  sound tool  support for  visual
  modeling languages, enhancing formal reasoning at the semantic level
  (e.g.,   for  model   analysis,   transformation,  and   consistency
  management)  in different domains,  such as  UML, Petri  nets, Graph
  Transformation or Business Process/Workflow Models.

  This  year's workshop will  have a  special focus  on visualization,
  simulation, and verification of concurrent and distributed systems.

  Concurrency and  distribution are among  the most vital  concerns to
  nowadays computing  due to the importance  of interconnected systems
  and       the      increased      diffusion       of      multi-core
  architectures. Nevertheless, concurrent  and distributed systems are
  hard  to   specify,  design,  verify  and   implement.   Visual  and
  graph-based techniques may be  exploited to cope with the complexity
  in  engineering of  and reasoning  about concurrent  and distributed
  systems.  In   fact,  graph-based  approaches   have  recently  been
  successfully applied  to represent several  computational aspects of
  different classes of distributed systems ranging from mobile systems
  a-la  pi-calculus, to coordination  in service-oriented  systems, to
  communication  networks.  The  aim  of the  workshop  is to  promote
  graph-  and   visual-based  approaches  for   modelling,  designing,
  implementing   and  reasoning   about  concurrent   and  distributed
  systems.  The general  areas of  interest range  from non-functional
  aspects  (e.g.,  security,   quantitive  aspects),  to  (semi)formal
  modelling  frameworks,  to  visual  techniques for  distributed  and
  concurrent systems.

  Besides the traditional topics of the GT-VMT series like

    - visual language definition (incl. metamodelling, grammars, graphical 
parsing, etc.)
    - syntax and semantics of visual languages (incl. OCL, graph patterns, 
simulation, animation, compilation, verification & validation, static 
analysis techniques, etc.)
    - model transformations
    - graph transformations and visual modeling techniques in engineering, 
biology, and medicine
    - case studies and novel application areas
    - tool support and efficient algorithms

  more focused topics of interest include but are not limited to

    - visual and graph-based languages for distributed systems
    - graph models of distributed computations
    - verification and validation of distributed systems with visual 
    - graphical static & dynamic analysis of distributed systems
    - graphs for architectural design languages for distributed systems
    - visual techniques for modeling process choreographies and distributed 
    - visual/graph-based approaches to distributed coordination mechanisms
    - graph-based semantics models of novel distributed architectures (e.g., 
service oriented, GRID, P2P computing, and context aware/adaptive distributed 
    - model transformations of graphical into textual formalisms for 
distributed systems 
    - model transformations and their application in model-driven development 
of distributed and concurrent systems
    - relating models/visual tools for concurrency/distribution
    - ...

* Important Dates *
  December 11, 2009     Abstract Submission
  December 18, 2009     Paper Submission
  January 4, 2010       Notification of Acceptance
  January 15, 2010      Camera ready version
  March 20-21, 2010     Workshop

* Submissions *

  The  proceedings  of  GT-VMT10  will  be published  in  the  journal
  Electronic Communications  of the  EASST.  A preliminary  version of
  the proceedings  will be available  at the workshop.   Papers should
  not  exceed  12 pages.  For  preparing  your  manuscript, the  EASST
  templates can be downloaded at


  The online submission and review system is available at


* Chairs *
  Jochen Kuester, IBM Zurich Research, JKU [at] zurich.ibm.com
  Emilio Tuosto, University of Leicester, emilio [at] mcs.le.ac.uk

* Program Committee *
  Paolo Baldan (University of Padova, Italy)  
  Artur Boronat (University of Leicester, UK)
  Andrea Corradini (University of Pisa, Italy)  
  Claudia Ermel (TU Berlin, Germany)
  Gregor Engels (University of Paderborn, Germany)
  Reiko Heckel (University of Leicester, UK)
  Thomas Hildebrandt (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark) 
  Holger Giese (HPI Potsdam, Germany)
  Barbara Koenig (University of Duisburg-Essen)  
  Jochen Kuester (IBM Research - Zurich) [co-chair] 
  Alberto Lluch Lafuente (University of Pisa, Italy)  
  Juan de Lara (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)  
  Mark Minas (Universitat der Bundeswehr Muenchen, Germany)
  Francesco Parisi-Presicce (University of Rome, Italy)
  Arend Rensink (University of Twente, Netherlands)
  Gabriele Taentzer (University of Marburg, Germany)
  Emilio Tuosto (University of Leicester) [co-chair] 
  Daniel Varro (TU Budapest, Hungary)
  Erhard Weinell (RWTH Aachen University) 
  Albert Zuendorf (University of Kassel, Germany)


	Emilio Tuosto

	Department of Computer Science
	University of Leicester
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	United Kingdom

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