[ecoop-info] Wikis4SE: "Workshop on Wikis for Software Engineering" @ WikiSym'2009, 26th October, Orlando

Ademar Aguiar [FEUP] ademar.aguiar at fe.up.pt
Thu Oct 22 21:17:00 CEST 2009


                            CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

               Workshop on "Wikis for Software Engineering"
                             October 26, 2009


                              at WikiSym 2009
           5th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration

                            Orlando, Florida
                             October 25-27, 2009


Due to their simplicity, attractiveness and effectiveness for 
collaborative authoring and knowledge management, wikis are now 
massively disseminated and used in different domains.

This workshop focuses on wikis for the specific domain of software 


Wikis4SE aims at bringing together researchers, practitioners, and 
enthusiasts interested on researching, exploring and learning how wikis 
can be improved, customized and used to better support software engineering.

Based on lessons learned and obstacles identified, a research agenda 
will be defined with key opportunities and challenges.


Interesting topics for contribution are essential features of wikis for 
software engineering, demonstrations of integrating wikis with other 
software engineering tools (IDE’s, test tools, Q&A tools, 
version-control systems, project management tools, communication tools, 
workflow systems, etc.); and knowledge management for software projects 
using wikis.

Continuing a fruitful discussion started at ICSE'2009, particularly 
relevant for this edition are positions and contributions related to the 
following questions:

* How to improve the wiki way in software development?

* What is missing in today’s software development to empower the wiki way?


The workshop will follow an open format in order to promote discussion 
and wide participation. The workshop will start by welcoming the 
participants and providing them with an overview of the workshop’s 

An opening talk will motivate for the main workshop’s theme, which is to 
continue addressing the challenge made by Ward Cunningham (by video) for 
Wikis4SE at ICSE'2009 to think/discover/idealize how wikis and tools should 
be like to enable software development to follow the wiki's philosophy.

After group discussions about the current state-of-the-art on wikis for 
software engineering, and new ways of using them, a workshop wrap-up 
will summarize the results and define possible research actions and 
participants to be envolved.



Ademar Aguiar - INESC Porto, FEUP/DEI, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Nuno Flores - FEUP/DEI, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Paulo Merson - Software Engineering Institute, USA

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