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João Miguel Fernandes jmf at di.uminho.pt
Tue Sep 8 22:33:36 CEST 2009

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics - http://ieee-ies.org/tii/
Special Section on "Model-based Approaches for Embedded Systems".
Guest Editors: Joao M Fernandes (UMinho) and Luis Gomes (U Nova Lisboa).

Embedded systems development requires integration of a variety of
hardware and software components. This field, due to its multifaceted
nature, has received contributions from different disciplines, namely
computer engineering, software engineering, hardware-software co-
design, computer science, and system modeling. Nowadays, model-based
development approaches are gaining popularity both in industry as
well as in academy, since they offer a higher degree of abstraction,
which is crucial to tackle the growing complexity of the systems
under consideration.

The development of embedded systems may benefit from the usage of
model-driven approaches. These approaches use models that allow the
development team to create more abstract artifacts, when compared
with the traditional code, which is a key issue to handle complex
systems. The typical characteristics of embedded systems (computing
platform dedicated to a specific purpose, continuous functioning,
rich behavior, interaction with the environment, real-time response,
etc.) imply that model-driven approaches for software-based systems
cannot be directly applied to the embedded field.

This Special Section on "Model-based Approaches for Embedded Systems"
aims at presenting some of the most significant research works
representing the state-of-the-art in the area of modeling formalisms
and techniques for embedded systems, with an emphasis on the use of
graphical and visual notations for modeling the system’s behavior.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Models of computation, including state machines, statecharts, SDL,
UML, SysML, Petri nets, data-flow graphs, CDFG, SpecCharts, for
modeling embedded systems with a rich behavior.
- Modeling approaches, including the use of formal models for
analysis, design, test, implementation, validation, verification,
operation, and maintenance of embedded systems.
- Key applications (manufacturing, control, medical, power grid,
automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer industries/electronics)
and case studies.

Submissions to this Special Section must represent original material
that have been neither submitted to, nor published in, any other
journal. Extended versions of papers previously published in
conference proceedings, digests or preprints may be eligible for
consideration, provided that the authors inform the Special Section
Guest Editors at the time of submission.
All contributions must focus on the adoption of models for analyzing,
designing, implementing, or testing embedded systems. Results
obtained by simulations must be validated in bounds by experiments or
analytical results.

Paper submission deadline: September 30, 2009
Expected publication date: August/November 2010 (tentative)

More information:

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Luis Gomes
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Faculty of Sciences and Technology
Dept. Electrotechnical Engineering
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Tel: +351-212948336
Fax.: +351-212948532
email: lugo at ieee.org
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