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                         Call For Papers


                         D S P  2 0 1 1




               6-8 July 2011, Corfu Island, Greece


                      <http://www.dsp2011.gr> http://www.dsp2011.gr





Important Dates


Submission of camera-ready papers:      January 22, 2011

Notification of acceptance:               March 18, 2011




The 2011 17th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing
(DSP2011), the longest in existence Conference in the area of DSP (
<http://www.dsp-conferences.org/> http://www.dsp-conferences.org/),
organized in cooperation with the IEEE and EURASIP, will be held in July
6-8, 2011 on the island of Corfu, Greece.


DSP2011 addresses the theory and application of filtering, coding,
transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing,
recording, and reproducing signals by means of digital devices or
techniques. The term "signal" includes audio, video, speech, image,
communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, musical, and other


The program will include presentations of novel research theories /
applications / results in lecture, poster and plenary sessions. A
significant number of Special Sessions organised by internationally
recognised experts in the area, will be held (


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


- Adaptive Signal Processing

- Array Signal Processing

- Audio / Speech / Music Processing & Coding

- Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

- Digital and Multirate Signal Processing

- Digital Watermarking and Data Hiding

- Geophysical / Radar / Sonar Signal Processing

- Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing

- Image/Video Content Analysis

- Image/Video Indexing, Search and Retrieval

- Image/Video Processing Techniques

- Image/Video Compression & Coding Standards

- Information Forensics and Security

- Multidimensional Filters and Transforms

- Multiresolution Signal Processing

- Nonlinear Signals and Systems

- Real-Time Signal/Image/Video Processing

- Signal and System Modelling

- Signal Processing for Smart Sensor & Systems

- Signal Processing for Telecommunications

- Social Signal Processing and Affective Computing

- Statistical Signal Processing

- Theory and Applications of Transforms

- Time-Frequency Analysis and Representation

- VLSI Architectures & Implementations


Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit the full
camera-ready paper ( <http://www.dsp2011.gr/submitpapers>
http://www.dsp2011.gr/submitpapers). The paper must not exceed six (6)
pages, including figures, tables and references, and should be written in
English. Faxed submissions are not acceptable. 

Papers should follow the double-column IEEE format. Authors should indicate
one or more of the above listed categories that best describe the topic of
the paper, as well as their preference (if any) regarding lecture or poster
sessions. Lecture and poster sessions will be treated equally in terms of
the review process. The program committee will make every effort to satisfy
these preferences. Submitted papers will be reviewed by at least two
referees and all accepted papers will be published in the Conference
Proceedings (CD ROM) and will be available in IEEExplore digital library. In
addition to the technical program, a social program will be offered to the
participants and their companions. 

It will provide an opportunity to meet colleagues and friends against a
backdrop of outstanding natural beauty and rich cultural heritage in one of
the best known international tourist destinations.


Honorary Chairs

A. G. Constantinides, Imperial College London, UK V. Cappelini, University
of Florence, Italy


Conference Chair

T. Vlachos, Ionian University, Greece


Conference Co-Chairs

A. Skodras, HOU, Greece

S. Theodoridis, University of Athens, Greece


Technical Program Chairs

A. Floros, Ionian University, Greece

G. Poggi, University of Naples, Iatly


Special Sessions Chair

N. Sidiropoulos, Technical University of Crete, Greece


Local Organizing Committee

A. Giannakoulopoulos, Ionian University, GReece M. Panagopoulos, Ionian
University, Greece K. Tzali, Ionian University, Greece



Int. Tech. Program Committee


D. Androutsos, Canada; J. Apostolopoulos, USA; Y. Attikiouzel, Australia; G.
Bebis, USA; N. Bourbakis, USA; F. Castanie, France; A. 

Cichocki, Japan; J. Cornelis, Belgium; L. Da Fontoura Costa, Brazil; C. 

F. N. Cowan, UK; U. Desai, India; J. Dittmann, Germany; M. Domanski, Poland;
A. Ercil, Turkey; M. Gabbouj, Finland; M. Ghanbari, UK; A. 

Gershman, Germany; G. Giannakis, USA; J. Chambers, UK; A. K. 

Katsaggelos, USA; J. Kovacevic, USA; G. Lampropoulos, Canada; I. 

Langendijk, The Netherlands; S. Z. Li, China; Y. C. Lim, Singapore; D. 

Mandic, UK; A. Manikas, UK; P. Maragos, Greece; S. K. Mitra, USA; B. 

Ottersten, Sweden; P. Papamichalis, USA; C. Pattichis, Cyprus; K. N. 

Plataniotis, Canada; Y. Man Ro, Korea; M. Rupp, Austria; A. H. Sayed, USA;
W. C. Siu, Hong Kong; A. Spanias, USA; T. Stathaki, UK; T. 

Stouraitis, Greece; S. Theodoridis, Greece; L. Torres, Spain; A. 

Venetsanopoulos, Canada; M. Vetterli, Switzerland; J.-F. K. Yang, Taiwan; D.
Zhang, Hong Kong





Martin Vetterli, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL)

Title: Sampling in the Age of Sparsity


Inald Lagendijk, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Title: Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain


Bjorn Ottersten, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (KTH), Sweden

Title: Signal Processing Challenges in Satellite Networks


Jens Blauert, Ruhr-University, Bochum (RUB), Germany

Title: Binaural Signal Processing





Game Theory in Signal Processing for Communications

Organizers: Daniel Palomar (Hong Kong UST) and Gesualdo Scutari (U. Rome)


Sparsity-aware Signal Processing

Organizers: George Giannakis and Daniele Angelosante (U. Minnesota)


Signal Processing for Cognitive Radio

Organizer: Sergio Barbarossa (U. Rome)


Signal Processing for Radar

Organizers: Marco Lops (U. Cassino) and Fulvio Gini (U. Pisa)


Intelligent Digital Audio Effects - i-DAFx

Organizer: Udo Zoelzer (Helmut Schmidt U., Hamburg)


Biologically-inspired Digital Signal Processing

Organizer: Steve McLaughlin (U. Edinburgh)


Image Denoising

Organizers: Michel Barlaud and Eric Debreuve (U. Nice-Sophia Antipolis)


Multiview and 3D Video Coding

Organizer: Marco Cagnazzo and B. Pesquet-Popescu (Telecom-ParisTech)


Advanced SAR Processsing Techniques

Organizers: Giorgio Franceschetti and Daniele Riccio (U. Naples)


Signal Processing in Optical Remote Sensing

Organizers: Gabriele Moser and Sebastiano Serpico (U. Genoa)


Human 3D Perception and 3D Video Assessments

Organizers: Y-J Jung (KAIST), Y-M Ro (KAIST) and K. Plataniotis (U. Toronto)





Address for correspondence


DSP2011 Conference Secretariat      Tel.:       +30 26610 87860 / 87861

Department of Audio & Visual Arts   Fax: +30 26610 87866

Ionian University                   URL:  <http://www.dsp2011.eu>

7 Tsirigoti Square                  Local Org. Committee:
<mailto:secretary at dsp2011.gr> secretary at dsp2011.gr

GR-49100 Corfu                      Tech. Program Chairs:
<mailto:tpc at dsp2011.gr> tpc at dsp2011.gr






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