[ecoop-info] ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) 2012

Radu Stoleru stoleru at cse.tamu.edu
Tue Dec 21 08:17:40 CET 2010

Dear Sensys Community:

Sensys 2012 will be held in North America.

We are now soliciting formal proposals for hosting the event. Please 
include the following in any submitted proposal.

- Details of the proposed venue - exact location

- Size and configuration of main auditorium for the conference itself. 
Pictures are helpful.

- Size and configuration of demo/poster area. Since the demo/poster 
session is a major feature of this conference, it is important to ensure 
  that we will be able to get a good space for this, with power, WiFi, 
etc. Pictures are helpful.

- We anticipate having about 3 collocated workshops with SenSys, either 
immediately before or after the event, with around 60 participants each. 
  Information on where these would be held would be helpful.

- Accommodation information and estimated price range. If accommodation 
is not local to the conference itself, how local transportation would be 

- Travel information: Air connections to major cities, approximate 
airfare from major cities on US East Coast, West Coast, Europe, and 
Asia. Any other expected travel expenses from the airport to the 
conference site.

- Details on proposed banquet/other meals and any other activities

- Information on who would handle local arrangements

- Any other information to make the case, why it's a good venue, local 
interest, etc.

- We do not need a detailed budget at this time, though it may be good 
to estimate costs for the venue so we can consider how it will impact 
the overall conference budget.

Please send completed proposals to

stankovic at cs.virginia.edu

The proposals should be received no later than Feb 15, 2011

Jack Stankovic
Chair, Steering Committee

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