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Tom Zimmermann zimmerth at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Thu Feb 25 08:23:09 CET 2010


Second International Workshop on Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering
May 4, 2010. Cape Town, South Africa
http://rsse.org/rsse2010  #rsse


Recommendation systems for software engineering are tools that help developers and managers to better cope with the huge amount of information faced in today's software projects. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners with interest and experience in the elaboration and evaluation of concepts, techniques, and tools for providing recommendations to developers and managers involved in software engineering tasks.


Register before February 28 to save up 25-50% of your registration cost.

Students and members of ACM, IEEE and CSSA are entitled to reduced fees.

To register, go to the ICSE web-site and select "online registration" in the REGISTRATION menu. The RSSE Workshop is W16.


9:00-10:30  Session 1

Reid Holmes, Martin Robillard, Robert J. Walker, and Thomas Zimmermann

Harmonizing Variable Names
Andreas Thies and Christian Roth

Utilizing Recommender Systems to Support Software Requirements Elicitation
Carlos Castro Herrera and Jane Cleland-Huang 

10:30-11:00  Coffee Break

11:00-12.30  Poster Session

Each poster will have the opportunity to give a one minute overview of their poster at the start of the session.

Recommendation and Decision Technologies For Requirements Engineering
Alexander Felfernig, Walid Maalej, Monika Schubert and Monika Mandl

Towards Knowledge Assisted Agile Requirements Evolution
Manish Kumar, Nirav Ajmeri and Smita Ghaisas

Recommending Source Code Examples via API Call Usages and Documentation
Collin McMillan, Denys Poshyvanyk and Mark Grechanik

Towards Better Code Completion by API Grouping, Filtering, and Popularity-Based Ranking
Daqing Hou and Dave Pletcher

KAdvice: Infering Synchronization Patterns From an Existing Codebase
Alexander Schmidt and Andreas Polze

A Recommendation Framework for Allocating Global Software Teams in Software Product Line Projects.
Thaís Pereira, Vinicius Santos, Bruno Ribeiro and Gledson Elias

Recommending Experts using Communication History
Alan Moraes, Cleyton da Trindade, Yuri Barbosa, Eduardo Silva and Silvio Meira

The weHelp Reference Architecture for Community-Driven Recommender Systems
Swapneel Sheth, Nipun Arora, Christian Murphy and Gail Kaiser

Component Recommendation for Cloud Applications
Zibin Zheng and Michael Lyu

Sábio, A Recommendation System for Software Process Improvement
Ana Carla de Carvalho Correia, Maria Helynne Lima Silva, Rodrigo Aiello Praes, João Manoel Silvestre de Sousa, Gustavo Robichez de Carvalho, Leandro Dias da Silva and Rodrigo de Barros Paes

On Recommending Meaningful Names in Source and UML
Adrian Kuhn

12:30-14:00  Lunch break

14:00-15:30  Session 3

Predicting the Fix Time of Bugs
Emanuel Geiger, Martin Pinzger and Harald Gall

What is Trust in a Recommender for Software Development
Gail Murphy and Emerson Murphy-Hill

15:30-16:00  Coffee break

16:00-17:30  Session 4

Assisting Engineers in Switching Artifacts by using Task Semantic and Interaction History
Walid Maalej and Alexander Sahm

Proposing Software Design Recommendations Based on Component Interface Intersecting
Oliver Hummel, Werner Janjic and Colin Atkinson

Reid Holmes,Martin Robillard, Robert J. Walker, and Thomas Zimmermann


Reid Holmes, University of Washington, USA
Martin Robillard, McGill University, Canada
Robert J. Walker, University of Calgary, Canada
Thomas Zimmermann, Microsoft Research, USA


Giuliano Antoniol, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Li-Te Cheng, IBM Research, USA
Harald Gall, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
Michael Godfrey, University of Waterloo, Canada
Miryung Kim, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Sung Kim, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Walid Maalej, Technische Universität München, Germany
Andrian Marcus, Wayne State University, USA
Mira Mezini, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Tao Xie, North Carolina State University, USA
Yunwen Ye, Software Research Associates, Inc., Japan
Andreas Zeller, Saarland University, Germany

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