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Heitor Augustus Xavier Costa heitor at ufla.br
Tue Jan 12 15:59:37 CET 2010

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WMSWM 2010 - 7th Workshop on Modern Software Maintenance
(In conjunction with the 9th Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality)
Belém, PA, Brazil, June 11, 2010


Call for Papers
Submission Deadline: April 09, 2010


Several studies indicate that software maintenance is the most
consuming phase of the software life cycle, being responsible
for 90% of the total cost and around 60% of the total effort.
Software maintenance can be defined as the activity during
which one or more software development artifacts are modified
in order to keep them available, free of failures, with higher
performance or in conformance with new or modified
requirements. According to some estimates, around 250 billions
of lines of code were in maintenance in 2000. In 1993,
around 70 billion dollars were spent in the software maintenance
market, only in the USA.

Software maintenance occurs due to many reasons, such as:
requirements and environment changes, discovery of
failures in software code, performance improvement needs,
migration to more modern platforms or technologies etc.
Despite of being an established area, in accordance with
existing revised policies, the adoption of new development
paradigms (e.g.: model driven, aspects, components, and
service-oriented), new team organizations (e.g.: global software
development, eXtreme Programming, and open source), new
scope restrictions (e.g.: short deliveries, time-to-market, and
variable scope) etc. bring a revival in the area with new
challenges. Although there are many software reengineering
approaches already proposed, these new software development
scenarios emphasize the need of new proposals, allowing
to take advantage of business knowledge and development
effort of legacy systems in new developments. The high
software maintenance effort and these new development
scenarios rise the need of new and improved methods,
techniques, approaches, metrics, and tools for the area.


The Brazilian Workshop on Modern Software Maintenance
is a forum dedicated to discuss alternatives to perform software
maintenance and software reengineering, in a way that the
maintenance process and the final product can be in conformance
with software quality requirements. The topics of interest
include, being not limited to, are:

- Modern maintenance processes
- Metrics and maintenance quality
- Maintenance of non-traditional systems (web applications,
component-based systems, aspect-oriented software,
model-driven, product lines, service-oriented etc.)
- Tool support and integrated environments for maintenance
- Reverse engineering
- Static and dynamic analysis
- Visualization techniques for program comprehension
- Reengineering and system migration
- Maintenance education
- Experimentation in software maintenance
- Model Driven Application and software maintenance
- Maintenance management (risks management, configuration
management, planning and estimates)
- Legacy systems tests
- Economic aspects of software maintenance (maintenance
cost, previous estimates of effort etc.)


Submissions must be written in English or Portuguese. All
submissions must follow SBC (Brazilian Computer Society)
style format (available at SBC -
All papers will be evaluated by, at least, 3 members of the
program committee. There will be three types of submissions:

- Technical papers, presenting an interesting result for the
advance of the research in the area. The judgment criteria are:
workshop scope adequacy, relevance and technical quality.
The work must be considered consistent, clear and original.
The maximum paper size is 8 pages.

- Experience reports, presenting concrete data, lessons learned
or any other fact relevant to the event. The judgment criteria
are: workshop scope adequacy, practical application, presentation
consistency, and contributions to the advance of maintenance
practice. The maximum paper size is 4 pages.

- Challenge reports, presenting real industrial problems
concerning maintenance that represent research challenges in
the area from the academic point of view. The aim is not to
describe hypothetical situations, but real challenges detected in
concrete software maintenance environments. The judgment
criteria are: workshop scope adequacy, relevance and
presentation consistency. The maximum paper size is 2 pages.

Evaluation studies are desirable, although this is not a
pre-requisite for WMSWM submission. Papers with original,
new, and promising ideas are welcome. All papers must present
comparisons with related work in the area. Technical papers
must emphasize their contribution for software maintenance
practice. Papers about practical experiments must describe the
employed method and interpretation of the obtained qualitative
and quantitative results.

All submissions must be electronically sent by JEMS system
(https://submissoes.sbc.org.br) until the submission deadline.
One of the authors must present the paper at the workshop.
Finally, authors must respect the final version submission
deadline, as well as subscription date for the workshop, in order
for the paper to be included in workshop proceedings. All
accepted papers will be available at the workshop site.


- Paper submission: April 09, 2010
- Author notification: May 07, 2010
- Camera-ready copy: May 17, 2010
- Workshop: June 11, 2010


- Prof. Dr. Heitor Augustus Xavier Costa - UFLA
- Profa. Dra. Aline Pires Vieira de Vasconcelos - IF-Fluminense (CEFET Campos)


- Profa. Dra. Aline Pires Vieira de Vasconcelos - IF-Fluminense (CEFET Campos)
- Profa. Dra. Cláudia Maria Lima Werner - COPPE/UFRJ
- Prof. Dr. Heitor Augustus Xavier Costa - UFLA
- Prof. Dr. Marcos Lordello Chaim - USP
- Prof. Dr. Paulo Cesar Masiero - ICMC/USP
- Profa. Dra. Rosana Teresinha Vaccare Braga - ICMC/USP


Profa. Dra. Aline Pires Vieira de Vasconcelos - IF-Fluminense
Profa. Dra. Cláudia Maria Lima Werner - UFRJ
Prof. Dr. Dalton Dario Serey Guerrero - UFCG
Prof. Dr. Delano Medeiros Beder - USP Leste
Profa. Dra. Elisa Hatsue Moriya Huzita - UEM
Prof. Dr. Guilherme Horta Travassos - UFRJ
Prof. Dr. Heitor Augustus Xavier Costa - UFLA
Prof. Dr. Jorge César Abrantes de Figueiredo - UFCG
Prof. Dr. Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta - UFF
Prof. Dr. Marcelo de Almeida Maia - UFU
Prof. Dr. Marco Antônio Pereira Araújo - FMG
Prof. Dr. Marco Túlio de Oliveira Valente - UFMG
Prof. Dr. Marcos Lordello Chaim - USP Leste
Profa. Dra. Maria Istela Cagnin - UFMS
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Anquetil - UCB
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Argenton Ramos - UNIVASF
Prof. Dr. Roberto Bigonha - UFMG
Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Quites Reis - UFPA
Prof. Dr. Rogério Atem de Carvalho - IF-Fluminense
Profa. Dra. Rosana Teresinha Vaccare Braga - USP São Carlos
Profa. Dra. Rosângela Aparecida Delosso Penteado - UFSCar
Prof. Dr. Valter Vieira de Camargo - UFSCar

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