[ecoop-info] CFP: Workshop on Mobile P2P Networking at ACM Mobility 2010 (MP2P-Nets2010)

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Sun Jan 17 10:13:20 CET 2010

The ACM Mobility 2010 conference (http://www.acmmobility2010.org) will take 
place in Singapore from , 18-20 October 2010. The Program of Mobility 2010 
will include a number of workshop and we are currently announcing a call for 
papers in workshop 3.0: Mobile P2P Networking (MP2P-Nets2010). Since you are 
the experts in the field, I would like to encourage you to make a paper for 
this workshop. 

Workshop 3.0 Mobile P2P Networking (MP2P-Nets2010)


P2P networking is a well established technology in current existing Internet 
applications for providing a large number of data services to end users, which 
is considered as a different method comparing with traditional client-server 
architecture. In the traditional client-server architecture, there is a 
definite boundary between the Client and Server. The Client often has 
excessive capacity, while the Server has insufficient capacity or web 
congestion. A user in P2P system can simultaneously play the roles of client 
and server. The fundamental theory of such model operation is that all 
resource consumers can become resource sharers, and any two users can share 
information or exchange content without a server. With the increasing 
penetration rate and expansion of wireless and mobile devices using the P2P 
technologies, new challenges and applications are growing bigger and more 
complex, including P2P computing, networking, services, and applications, etc. 
We are interested in t
 he areas, but are not limited to, the following topics. This special session 
will be held in conjunction with ACM Mobility Conference 2009, an ideal 
vehicle for bringing together researchers, scientists, engineers, academics 
and students all around the world to share the latest updates on new mobile 
technologies that would shape the next generation of mobile systems and 
technology platforms.


P2P-based Sensor Networks

Routing in P2P Networks

Service-oriented P2P Computing

Mobile P2P System

P2P Applications and Services

P2P Multimedia Networks

Security and privacy issues in P2P Networks

Time-constrained P2P System

Topology control in P2P Networks

Scheduling, resource management, queue management, and admission control

QoS adaptation, modeling and measurements

QoS for real-time voice and video in P2P Networks

Caching and content management in P2P Networks

Encoding alternatives for multimedia streams in P2P Networks

Power Management in P2P Networks


Lei Shu

Nishio Lab., Department of Multimedia Engineering,

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Osaka University, Japan

E-mail: lei.shu at ieee.org

Chin-Feng Lai

Department of Engineering Science,

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

E-mail: cinfon at gmail.com

Chia-Cheng Hu

Department of Information Management,

Naval Academy, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

E-mail: cchu at cna.edu.tw

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