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22nd Jacob T. Schwartz International School for Scientific Research

Biology and Computer Science: Modelling and Computing

July 10 - July 17, 2010, Lipari Island


Deadline: April 20, 2010

22nd Jacob T. Schwartz International School for Scientific Research
addresses PhD students and young researchers who want to get exposed
to the forefront of research activity in the field of Modelling and
Computing and their applications to biology. The school will be held
in the beautiful surroundings of the Island of Lipari.

The theme of the school is the cross-fertilization of biology and
computer science, shown by means of some examples. On the one hand, it
will be shown how methods of computer science can be employed in the
analysis of microarray data and in the construction of models of
biological phenomena, such as cell behaviour and evolution. On the
other hand, models of computing will be presented which are inspired
by biology and propose new ways for representing data and elaborating
them, with interesting results on the computational complexity. DNA
and P systems are the models which will be described.

List of speakers

* Sorin Draghici

A novel systems biology approach for the analysis of signaling

Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mi,

* Alberto D'Onofrio

Models of cellular populations 

Department of Experimental Oncology, European Institute of Oncology,
Milano, Italy

* Sergey Gavrilets

Models of evolution 

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of
Tennessee, Dabney Hall, Knoxville, USA

* Vincenzo Manca

Molecular computing 

Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Verona, Italy

* David Harel

Can we Computerize an Elephant? Some Thoughts on Reverse-Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann
Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Participants will be arranged in a comfortable hotel at very special
rates. The conference room is air-conditioned and equipped with all
conference materials. Special areas are reserved to students for the
afternoon coursework and study. The island of Lipari can be easily
reached from Milazzo, Palermo, Naples, Messina and Reggio Calabria by
ferry or hydrofoil (50 minutes from Milazzo).

Two kinds of participants are welcome. Students: Participants who are
expected to do afternoon courseworks and take a final exam (The grades
will be given following the ECTS grading scale). Auditors:
Participants who are not interested in taking the final exam.

Registration fee is 450 Euros (not refundable) all inclusive of:
course material, bus + hydrofoil Catania airport-Lipari-Catania
airport, 1 social tour and the social dinner on the beach of Vulcano.

Deadline for application is April 20, 2010. Late registration is 550
Euros (not refundable).

Applicants must include a short curriculum vitae and specify two
professors whom letters of recommendation will be asked to, if deemed
necessary. Applicants will be notified about admission by April 30,
2010. For late-registrations the Bank transfer fax must be sent before
June 30, 2010.

The official language is English.


* Prof. Alfredo Ferro, (University of Catania), Co-Chair

* Prof. Andrea Maggiolo Schettini, (University of Pisa), Co-Chair

* Prof. Roberto Barbuti (University of Pisa), Co-Chair

* Dr. Rosalba Giugno (University of Catania), Co-Chair

* Dr. Alfredo Pulvirenti (University of Catania), Co-Chair

People interested in receiving further information about the school
can contact:

Lipari School Organization

Prof. Alfredo Ferro -- Susanna Caramello (Lipari School secretary)

Universita' degli Studi di Catania - Dipartimento di Matematica e

Citta' Universitaria - Viale A.Doria, 6 - 95125 Catania - ITALY

Tel: +39 095 7383071

Fax: +39 095 330094

E-mail: school at dmi.unict.it - susanna at dmi.unict.it


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