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Brahim HAMID hamid at irit.fr
Tue Jul 13 11:16:50 CEST 2010

Please  disseminate the ACM S&D4RCES workshop CFP  to your colleagues, 
project and industrial partners and phd students that could be 
interested. The cfp  is also  available in pdf.

ACM S&D4RCES: International workshop on Security and Dependability for 
Resource Constrained Embedded Systems
                                      (Secure and dependable RCES by 
                in conjunction with SAFECOMP 2010 conference 
                                               Vienna, Austria, 14 
September 2010

- CFP:

The main focus of SD4RCES is on the topic of making security and 
dependability expert knowledge
available to Resource Constrained Embedded Systems (RCES) engineering 
processes. Special emphasis
will be devoted to promote discussion and interaction between 
researchers and practitioners focused
on the particularly challenging task to efficiently integrate security 
and dependability solutions within
the restricted available design space for RCES. Furthermore, one 
important focus is on the potential
benefits of the combination of model-driven engineering with 
pattern-based representation of security
and dependability solutions. The workshop aims to bring together 
researchers from various fields involved
in the development and deployment of RCES with a particular focus on the 
transfer of results
from fundamental research to the industrial development of RCES.We 
believe that the synergy between
researchers working in different aspects of this area will produce 
important benefits. The objective of
this workshop is to foster an exchange of ideas among practitioners, 
researchers and industry involved
in the deployment of secure and dependable resource-constrained embedded 
systems. The exchange of
concepts, prototypes, research ideas, and other results which contribute 
to the academic arena and also
benefit business and industrial communities, is of particular interest. 
Some of the topics that we seek to
include in the workshop are related to the development of models and 
tools to support the inclusion of
security and dependability (SD) issues into the RCES engineering 
process. Topics of interest include, but are
not limited to:
* Verification, testing and validation of SD by design in RCES
* Design process of SD patterns
* Model-based repository of SD patterns for RCES
* Formalization of SD properties at the pattern level
* SD requirements engineering for RCES
* Inheritance of SD properties upon integration of patterns
* Integration process of SD patterns
* Customization of application sector specific processes
* Support tools for assisting modeling, deployment and configuration of 
SD by design
* RCES development and engineering processes
* Case studies, empirical results, experience reports, etc...

-  The workshop program:

* Presentations of research papers
* Work in progress
* Industrial presentations
* Ongoing projects
* Working sessions  and Panel discussion

- Important dates:

* Intention to submit: July 20, 2010
* Paper submission: August 13, 2010
* Acceptance Notification: August 25, 2010
* Camera Ready version: September 1, 2010
* Workshop day: September 14, 2010

- Co-organizers :

* Brahim Hamid (IRIT-University of Toulouse , France), brahim.hamid at irit.fr
* Carsten RUDOLPH (Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information 
Technology SIT), carsten.rudolph at sit.fraunhofer.de
* Christoph RULAND (University of Siegen), christoph.ruland at uni-siegen.de

- Program Committee:

* Yemine Ait Ameur (LISI/ENSMA-UP, Univ. Poitiers)
* Jean-Michel Bruel (IRIT, Univ. Toulouse)
* Mireille Blay-Fornarino(I3S, Univ. Nice)
* Pierre Castéran (LABRI, Univ. Bordeaux)
* Nora Cuppens (ENST Bretagne)
* Khalil Drira (LAAS-CNRS)
* Amnon Eden (Foundations and Applications Research Group, Univ. Essex)
* Mamoun Filali (IRIT, Univ. Toulouse)
* Andreas Fuchs (Fraunhofer SIT)
* Sigrid Gürgens (Fraunhofer SIT)
* Christophe Gransart (INRETS)
* Cyril Grepet (Trialog)
* Brahim Hamid (IRIT, Univ. Toulouse)
* Erno Jeges (SEARCH lab, Hungary)
* Christophe Jouvray (Trialog)
* Oliver Jung (Research Center for Telecommunications, Vienna)
* Antonio Mana (Univ. Malaga)
* Fabio Massacci (Univ. Trento)
* Mohamed Mosbah (LABRI, Univ. Bordeaux)
* Simin Nadjm-Tehrani (Real-time systems lab, Univ. Linköping )
* Jan Pelzl (Escrypt)
* Christian Percebois (IRIT, Univ. Toulouse)
* Antonio Perez (Ikerlan-K4)
* Ansgar Radermacher (CEA List)
* Carsten Rudolph (Fraunhofer SIT)
* Christoph Ruland (Univ. Siegen)
* Maurizio Palesi (Univ. Catania)
* Francesca Saglietti (Univ. Erlangen-Nurnberg)
* Lionel Seinturier (LIFL-INRIA ADAM, Univ. Lille)
* François Terrier (CEA LIST)
* Salvador Trujillo (Ikerlan-K4)
* Didier Van-Den-Abeele (Transport/ALSTOM)
* Tulio Vardanega (Univ. Padou)
* François Vernada (LAAS-CNRS)

Looking forward to your submissions and participation

- Visit the International Workshop "S&D4RCES" in Vienna, Austria September 14, 2010 !

For further information see http://www.irit.fr/SD4RCES 

Dr. Brahim HAMID
IRIT, Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse 
(computer science research institute of toulouse)
118 Route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse Cedex 9
phone/fax: +33 (0)5 6150 2386 / 4173      
e-mail: hamid at irit.fr
web: http://www.irit.fr/~Brahim.Hamid

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