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Hironori Washizaki washi at fuka.info.waseda.ac.jp
Tue Mar 2 08:50:17 CET 2010

*Call for Participation*
                       AsianPLoP 2010
      1st Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

      in Tokyo, Japan, March 16-17, 2010, collocated with
 The GRACE International Symposium on Advanced Software Engineering

AsianPLoP is a PLoP(R) Conference sanctioned by the Hillside Group.
PLoP is a registered trademark of The Hillside Group.

*Objective and Motivation*

Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (AsianPLoP) will
take place at the first time, as a premier event for pattern authors
and users to gather, discuss and learn more about patterns and software
development in the Asia region as well as other regions. The purpose of
AsianPLoP is to promote development of patterns, pattern languages,
technologies and experiences of patterns primarily about software;
however, these for domains outside software are also welcome.

In AsianPLoP 2010, various patterns, pattern languages and related
techniques will be discussed. Topics include software design, services,
security, interaction, pedagogy and organizational change. Most of papers
will be workshopped in the traditional PLoP Writer's Workshop format.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters that the participation fee is
completely free for all of authors and attendants.
Please register yourself via the conference site.

The invited talk is titled "A Timeless Way Of Communicating" by
Joshua Kerievsky, who is an author of a Jolt Productivity awarded book
"Refactoring to Patterns". He is a founder and CEO of Industrial Logic, Inc.,
and a pioneer of Industrial XP. He is also a senior consultant with Cutter
Consortium's Agile Software Development and Project Management practice.


Tue 16th March

9:30-10:40	Opening Ceremony

11:00-12:00	Keynote at GRACE Symposium:
"Self-Managed Adaptive Systems" Jeffrey Kramer

13:00-15:30	Writer's Workshop 1 [Securiy and Design]
"A pattern for the WS-Trust standard for web services"
  Ola Ajaj and Eduardo B. Fernandez
"A Worm misuse pattern"
  Eduardo B. Fernandez, Nobukazu Yoshioka and Hironori Washizaki
"Design Decision Topology Model for Pattern Relationship Analysis"
  Kiran Kumar Vajja and Prabhakar TV

15:50-16:20	Invited talks and Panel discussion at GRACE Symposium
"ITSS Overview and Worldwide Promotion"  Masaharu Niwa
"Privacy Requirements in Mobile and Ubiquitous Comp" Bashar Nuseibeh
"The Future of Software Engineering: a historical perspective" (Panel)

19:00-21:00	Banquet

Wed 17th March

9:00-10:00	Invited talk
"A Timeless Way Of Communicating" Joshua Kerievsky

10:20-11:50 Writer's Workshop 2 and Tutorial [Pedagogy and Organization]
"Learning Patterns: A Pattern Language for Creative Learners II"
  Takashi Iba and Toko Miyake
"Metamorphosis - A Successful Organizational Change Management Pattern"
  Madhup Jain, Ranjith Kutty and Raju Dani
Reviewing pattern papers and exploring how to make them better(TBD)

13:00-14:00	Invited talk at GRACE Symposium
"Expressive Design Techniques and Efficient Model Checking"
 Jin-Song Dong

14:35-15:50 Writer's Workshop 3 and Writing Group 1 [Interaction]
"Analyzing the HCI Design Pattern Variety"
 Christian Kruschitz and Martin Hitz
"Research Organization Servicelization Patterns" Yuriko Sawatani

16:10-17:00	Writing Group 2 [Services]
"Encrypted Observer Pattern" Vivek Gondi and Datta G
"Adaptable Load Balancing" Sung Kim and Youngsu Son

17:00-17:40	Closing Ceremony

*NOTE: In addition to the above-mentioned papers, there will be
       eight papers discussed in different Japanese track.
*Conference Committee and Sponsors*

Conference Chair:
  Eiichi Hanyuda, Mamezou, Japan
Program Co-Chairs:
  Hironori Washizaki, Waseda University, Japan
  Nobukazu Yoshioka, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
  National Institute of Informatics (NII), GRACE Center
  ACM Japan Chapter
  SIGSE Patterns Working Group, Information Processing Society of Japan
  eXtreme Programming Japan Users Group
Contact Us: asianplop [at] sse-project.org

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