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Victor Pankratius pankratius at ipd.uni-karlsruhe.de
Wed Mar 17 18:04:02 CET 2010

IEEE SOFTWARE invites you to submit a paper to the special issue:

"Software for the Multiprocessor Desktop: 
Applications, Environments, Platforms"
Guest Editors: 
* Victor Pankratius (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
* Wolfram Schulte (Microsoft Research),
* Kurt Keutzer (Univ. California Berkeley)
Final submissions due: 1 July 2010
Publication date: January/February 2011

Multicore processors, like Nehalem or Opteron, and manycore processors, like
Larrabee or GeForce, are becoming a de facto standard for every new desktop
PC. Exploiting the full hardware potential of these processors will require
parallel programming. Thus, many developers will need to parallelize desktop
applications, ranging from browsers and business applications to media
processors and domain-specific applications. This is likely to result in the
largest rewrite of software in the history of the desktop. To be successful,
systematic engineering principles must be applied to parallelize these
applications and environments

This special issue seeks contributions introducing readers to multicore and
manycore software engineering for desktop applications. It aims to present
practical, relevant approaches such as programming models, languages, and
tools as well as exemplary experiences in parallelizing applications for
these new desktop processors. The special issue will also sketch out the
current challenges and research frontiers so that practitioners will know
what to expect over the next several years.

We solicit original, previously unpublished articles on topics over the
whole spectrum of software engineering in the context of desktop
multiprocessors, including multicore, manycore, and mixtures of each. Such
efforts include applications, environments, and platforms for the
multiprocessor desktop. Specific topics of interest include, but are not
limited to:

* How to make desktop multiprocessor programming easier for the average
* Desktop multiprocessor programming models, language extensions, and
* Multicore and manycore design patterns, architectures, frameworks, and
* Software reengineering/refactoring for desktop multiprocessors
* Desktop multiprocessor software optimizations, performance tuning, and
* Testing, debugging, and verification of multicore and manycore programs
* Development environments and tools for desktop multiprocessor software
* Surveys of software development tools for desktop multiprocessors
* Energy issues in multicore and manycore programming
* Case studies of application scenarios for desktop multiprocessor software
in consumer applications
* Surveys of desktop applications that benefit from desktop multiprocessors
* Industrial experience reports and case studies on multicore and manycore

Manuscripts must not exceed 4,700 words including figures and tables, which
count for 200 words each. Submissions in excess of these limits may be
rejected without refereeing. The articles we deem within the theme's scope
will be peer-reviewed and are subject to editing for magazine style,
clarity, organization, and space. IEEE reserves the right to edit the title
of all submissions.

Articles should have a practical orientation, and be written in a style
accessible to practitioners. Overly complex, purely research-oriented, or
theoretical treatments are not appropriate. Articles should be novel. IEEE
Software does not re-publish material published previously in other venues,
including other periodicals and formal conference/workshop proceedings,
whether previous publication was in print or in electronic form.

For further information about the topic, contact one of the guest editors;
be sure to include the name of the special issue you are submitting for.

    * Victor Pankratius (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

    * Wolfram Schulte (Microsoft Research)

    * Kurt Keutzer (Univ. California Berkeley)

For general author guidelines: www.computer.org/software/author.htm

For submission details: software at computer.org

The call for papers, further information, and updates are available at:

Best regards,
Victor Pankratius

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