[ecoop-info] [ANN] Open postdoc & PhD positions at INRIA

Romain Rouvoy romain.rouvoy at lifl.fr
Wed Mar 24 12:23:39 CET 2010

The ADAM project-team from the INRIA research institute at Lille in France is looking for PhD candidates in the domains of software architecture and component-based applications on the following topics:
1- An agile framework to support the safe runtime evolution of component-based applications (contact: Anne-Francoise.Le_Meur [at] inria.fr)
2- Dependable Adaptation Middleware for Sustainable Autonomic Systems (contact: Romain.Rouvoy [at] inria.fr)

As well as postdoc candidates on the positions below:
1- Behavioural variability in Context-Aware Dynamic Service-Oriented Product Lines (contact: Laurence.Duchien [at] inria.fr)
2- TinySCA: A Uniform Component Model for Hybrid Sensor Networks (contact : Romain.Rouvoy [at] inria.fr)

Read more about these offers on our website: http://adam.lille.inria.fr

Kind regards,
Romain Rouvoy
Associate Professor @ ADAM
University of Lille 1 / LIFL
INRIA Lille - Nord Europe

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