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1st International Workshop on requirements©run.time in conjunction with Requirements Engineering Conference RE  2010 Sydney, Australia,  September 27th - October 1st 2010


------  Call for Papers  ------


Web site: http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/computing/users/bencomo/RRT/ 




requirements©run.time will explore a radical challenge to the traditional view of requirements models as static, slowly-evolving and purely design-time entities. requirements©run.time will explore the potential for run-time abstractions and models of requirements as a practical means to address the challenges posed by volatile or poorly-understood environmental contexts. These include (e.g.) business environments that are subject to dramatic and unforeseen economic conditions, or physical environments that may be remote and hostile to humans and computers. For such systems, detailed a-priori domain understanding is not achievable at design-time. This inevitably acts against the formulation of stable requirements. Rather, the requirements will need to be revised and reappraised over periods too short to be achieved by off-line adaptive maintenance. To achieve this, systems will need to maintain requirements models that are dynamic, run-time entities that support reasoning, some times with the aid of human, and sometimes not, so that the systems can respond in appropriate ways to changes in their environments. requirements©run.time takes its cue from important recent work in a number of areas, including requirements monitoring, computational reflection, self-adaptive systems and multi-objective reasoning.




The workshop aims to:

-     Provide a "state-of-the-research" assessment expressed in terms of research issues, challenges, and achievements. 

-     Combine research ideas from requirements engineering, requirements monitoring, computational reflection, model-driven engineering, and autonomic, self-healing systems and self-explaining systems. 

-     Devise a research agenda for the achievement of requirements-aware systems.

-     Simulate the creation of a network of researchers in the area.

-     Plan and promote further events on the topic.


We seek high-quality paper submissions on the following topics and on any topic with a strong relation to run-time requirements models:

*     Representation of runtime requirements

*     Computational reflection and requirements

*     Requirements monitoring

*     Reasoning over requirements models at runtime

*     Traceability of runtime requirements

*     Relationship of runtime requirements to other SE phases (architecture/design/testing)

*     Application areas (e.g., Self Adaptive Systems)

*     Methodologies incorporating runtime requirements

*     Diagnosis of failed requirements



Workshop format


requirements©run.time will be a one-day workshop and will be discussion-oriented to promote interaction and exchange of ideas. The first part of the workshop will be for papers selected for their quality and potential for stimulating discussion. From these, we will synthesize a set of research challenges to set the agenda for discussion in the afternoon breakout sessions. The breakout and final plenary sessions will aim to identify a forward research agenda to tackle the challenges. 


We invite two categories of papers:

-     Full papers (8-10 pages)

-     Position papers (4-8 pages)


Papers submitted should follow the two-column IEEE format (as in the main Conference RE). Each paper will be reviewed by at least three (3) reviewers, and authors will be notified of acceptance by 23th July (before the RE 2010 early registration deadline). We will also welcome non-presenting participants, although the number of attendees will be limited by the room capacity.


Organizing Committee



Nelly Bencomo (main contact), Lancaster University, UK 


Daniel M. Berry, University of Waterloo, Canada


Anthony Finkelstein, University College London, UK


Pete Sawyer, Lancaster University, UK


Jon Whittle, Lancaster University, UK



Important Dates


Submission deadline:

Friday, July 2nd

Notification of acceptance:

Wednesday 23th July

Date of Workshop:

Tuesday 28th September


Program Committee


Luciano Baressi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Stephen Fickas, University of Orego, USA 


Xavier Franch, Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain


Jeff Kramer, Imperial College, UK


Olly Gotel, Independent Researcher, USA 


Emmanuel Letier, University College London, UK 


Julio Leite, PUC-Rio, Brazil 


Jeff Magee, Imperial College, UK 


Anna Perini, FBK-IRST  CIT, Italy 


Alistair Sutcliff, The University of Manchester, UK


Eric Yu, University of Toronto, Canada


Further Information

Web site: http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/computing/users/bencomo/RRT/

Contact:  Nelly Bencomo at nelly at acm.org



Nelly Bencomo

Senior Research Associate

Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK

email:  nelly at acm.org

website:  http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/computing/users/bencomo/



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