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The RM-ODP (Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing,
www.rm-odp.net) is a joint standardization effort by ISO/IEC
and ITU-T that defines a system of interrelated essential concepts
necessary to understand and specify any open distributed systems.
In particular, it provides a well-developed enterprise architecture
framework for structuring the specifications of such systems.

The RM-ODP reference model is based on precise concepts derived from
current distributed processing developments and, as far as possible, on
the use of formal description techniques for specification of the
architecture. Many RM-ODP concepts, possibly under different names,
have been around for a long time and have been rigorously described and
explained in exact philosophy (for example, in the works of Mario
Bunge) and in systems thinking (for example, in the works of Friedrich
Hayek). Some of these concepts-such as abstraction, composition or
emergence-have recently been provided with a solid mathematical
foundation in category theory.

The RM-ODP was published at the end of 1995 to provide a simple and
elegant way to consider the specification, design, development and
maintenance of large open distributed systems. Quite a few business
systems have been understood and specified using the RM-ODP system of
concepts. Since then, much has happened in the field of system and
software model engineering, and in particular in the realm of
Enterprise Computing. Several international standards were based on
RM-ODP, such as the Trader, UML4ODP, and others; other standards were
not so explicit, but might have used the RM-ODP concepts, raising the
issue of standard interoperability.

Furthermore, the RM-ODP has taken on a new significance in the light of
the Model-Driven Architecture (MDA®) initiative from the OMG®, the
wide-scale adoption of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and the
emerging concepts of Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Computing. Thus
it seems important to look at the old and new objectives, the
theoretical and practical achievements, the challenges ahead, the
ongoing efforts, the work to be done, and the research and practical

It would be the objective of this special issue to contribute to such
an assessment.

Thus, the Computer Standards & Interfaces journal invites original,
high-quality submissions from academia and industry for its theme issue
on RM-ODP Foundations, Experiences and Applications to appear in
Q4 2011, focusing on topics related to RM-ODP. In particular, we would
like to put emphasis on experiences in projects that have been based on
the RM-ODP ideas and architecture, on foundational and retrospective
issues, and on new lines of research and application related to the
Reference Model that allow to outline a roadmap addressing the key
challenges in the areas of understanding and specifying business and IT
systems. Industrial submissions, including short communications, are
especially welcome.


  Haim Kilov              Independent Consultant, US haimk at acm.org
  Peter Linington      University Kent, UK P.F.Linington at kent.ac.uk
  José Raúl Romero  Universidad de Córdoba, Spain jrromero at uco.es
  Akira Tanaka.          view5 LLC, Japan a.tanaka at acm.org
  Antonio Vallecillo  Universidad de Málaga, Spain av at lcc.uma.es


  Please consult the journal guidelines for submitting papers, available

  Communicate your intention to submit a paper by emailing the guest
   editors before 1 December 2010 (this does not imply any formal
   obligation to submit).

  Submit your work through the journal online system

  During the submission process please select
   SIRM ODP/Foundations/Experiences/Applic in the Article Type step.

If you have any questions of require additional information about this
    theme issue, do not hesitate to contact the guest editors.

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