[ecoop-info] Call for Workshop Proposals: DisCoTec 2011, Reykjavik, Iceland

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                            DisCoTec 2011

              6th International Federated Conferences on 
                   Distributed Computing Techniques

                   Reykjavik, Iceland, 6-9 June 2011


                      Call for Workshop Proposals

DisCoTec 2011 invites proposals for one day workshops to be part of the 
joint event. DisCoTec 2011 hosts conferences in the area of coordination 
languages, distributed systems and formal methods for distributed systems, 
ranging from practice to theory. Following a good tradition we invite
workshops in these areas to provide a forum for presentions of preliminary 
research results and ongoing work as well as presentions of research work 
to a focused audience. DisCoTec workshops provide a vivid and open forum 
for discussions.

One day workshops will be held in conjunction with the main events.
Prospective workshop organizers are requested to follow the guidelines
below and are encouraged to contact the workshop chairs if any
questions arise.

Important Dates

   Workshop proposal deadline: December 17, 2010
   Workshop proposal notification: December 23, 2010
   Main Conference: June 6-8, 2011
   Workshop: June 9, 2011

Submission and notification deadlines of the workshops are at the discretion 
of the individual workshop organizers, however notification must be no later 
than May 10th 2011, the early registration deadline, for DisCoTec.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Workshop proposals must be written in English, not exceed 5 pages with a 
reasonable font and margin, and be submitted in PDF format via email to 
Marcello Bonsangue (marcello at liacs.nl).

Proposals should include the following information:

    * The title, theme, and goals of the workshop.
    * The targeted audience and the expected number of 
      participants. We prefer that workshops remain open to participation 
      from any members of the community, but by-invitation-only workshops 
      will also be considered. Please explicitly state your preference.
    * The publicity strategy that will be used by the workshop organizers 
      to promote the workshop.
    * The participant solicitation and selection process.
    * Publication plan. Each workshop is responsible for managing its own 
      publication (e.g., pre- or post- proceedings), if any is desired.
    * Approximate budget proposal (see section Budget below for details).
    * A preliminary version of the call for papers. This CFP must include 
      important dates including submission, notification, and camera-ready 
    * The equipment and any other resource necessary for the organization 
      of the workshop.
    * A brief description of the organizer's background, including relevant 
      past experience on organizing workshops and contact information. 

Review Process

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the following committee:

    * Marjan Sirjani, Reykjavik University, IS (DiScoTec 2011 general chair)
    * Marcello M. Bonsangue, University of Leiden, NL (workshops co-chair)
    * Immo Grabe, CWI, NL (workshops co-chair)

Acceptance is based on an evaluation of the workshop's potential for 
generating useful results, the timeliness and expected interest in the 
topic, the organizer's ability to lead a successful workshop, and 
potential for attracting sufficient number of participants.

Workshop Publicity

Workshop publicity is responsability of the organizers. In particular they 
are responsible for the following items:

   1. A workshop description (200 words) for inclusion on the DisCoTec site.
   2. Hosting and maintaining web pages to be linked from the DisCoTec site. 
      Workshop coordinators can integrate their pages into the wiki-page of
      DisCoTec 2011.
   3. Workshop proceedings, if any. If there is enough interest, the 
      organizer of DisCoTec 2011 may contact the editor-in-chief of the 
      Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 
      (http://info.eptcs.org/) for having a common volume dedicated to the 
      workshops of DisCoTec 2011.
   4. Publicising the event. 


DisCoTec will provide registration and organizational support for the 
workshops. Registration fees must be paid for all participants, including 
organizers and invited guests.

To cover lunches, coffee breaks and basic organizational expenses, all 
workshops will be required to charge a minimum participation fee (the 
precise amount is still to be determined). Each workshop may increase this 
fee to cover additional expenses such as publication charges, student 
scholarships, costs for invited speakers, etc. All fees will be 
collected by the DisCoTec organizers as part of the registration, then 
additional funds will be redistributed to the individual workshop 

Contact Information

Marcello Bonsangue (marcello at liacs.nl) 
Immo Grabe (Immo.Grabe at cwi.nl) 

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