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Call for Papers

Emerging Applications of M&S in Industry and Academia (EAIA'11) Symposium

The Symposium for Emerging Applications of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in Industry and Academia (EAIA) has evolved into a hub for new ideas and successful applications thereof. The focus is on innovative applications of M&S in theory and practice. As such, we are looking for papers that show successful and promising trends. For 2011, we offer seven topic categories plus the "Other Emerging Application" category to be able to give a home to good papers that do not fit into the other categories. For more information, please visit the conference website http://scs.org/node/207.

T1 - M&S and Education will continue to look how M&S can be used to enrich education, ranging from public education in middle and high schools over colleges and universities to education of the work force.

T2 - M&S and Engineering has its focus on engineering applications of M&S as well as applying engineering methods to M&S. This includes new engineering management efforts, such as Scrum for M&S, or applying M&S as a Green Technology.

T3 - Business and Industry Simulation Applications shows "where the rubber meets the road." Where is M&S really making a difference in Industry? How can we optimize processes and businesses using new methods that combine M&S and heuristics?

T4 - M&S and Risk Management is looking for contributions regarding theory and application of supporting Risk Management with the full spectrum of M&S.

T5 - M&S and Philosophy is a new topic for EAIA, but as M&S grows as its own discipline, it is time to address some philosophical questions, including the question of how M&S is influenced and influences Philosophy and our understanding of what we understand.

T6 - M&S and Law Enforcement is starting to become a new application domain. The objective is to give a home to papers that evaluate the potential and applicability of the whole M&S spectrum to support law enforcement in training, analysis, and operations.

T7 - M&S Technology Transition is a contemporary interest to avoid the frequent loss of great ideas between R&D and distribution organizations.

T8 - Other Emerging Applications is interested other innovative applications of M&S in theory and practice.

We are looking forward to receive your papers soon!
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Andreas Tolk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering
Old Dominion University
Symposium Chair EAIA 2011

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