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    RV 2010 : 1st International Conference on Runtime Verification
                     November 1-4, 2010, St. Julians, Malta


        ** Early registration deadline: September 30, 2010 **

The 2010 Runtime Verification conference is a forum for researchers and industrial
practitioners for presenting theories and tools for monitoring and analyzing
system (software and hardware) executions, as well as forum for presenting
applications of such tools to practical problems. The field of runtime verification
is often referred to under different other names, including dynamic analysis, runtime
analysis, and runtime monitoring, to mention a few. Runtime verification
can be applied during the development of a system for the purpose of program
understanding, debugging, and testing, or it can be applied as part of a running
system, for example for security or safety monitoring, and can furthermore
be part of a fault protection framework.

RV 2010 is conducted over 4 days. The first day offers 6 tutorials in parallel
sessions. The remaining three days offer 6 invited talks, and presentation of
27 regular papers, short papers and tool demonstrations.


- Mike Barnett
 "Code Contracts for .NET: Runtime Verification and So Much More"

- Rance Cleaveland
 "Automatic Requirement Extraction from Test Cases"

- Matthew Dwyer
 "Optimizing Runtime Monitors : Combining Static and Dynamic Techniques"

- Martin Odersky
 "Contracts in Scala"

- Wim De Pauw
 "Visualizing Complex IT Systems"

- R. Sekar
 "Runtime Analysis and Instrumentation for Securing Software"


- Cyrille Valentin Artho
  "Run-time Verification of Networked Software"

- Eric Bodden and Patrick Lam
  "Clara: Partially Evaluating Runtime Monitors at Compile Time"

- Ylies Falcone
  "You should Better Enforce than Verify"

- Sylvain Halle and Roger Villemaire
  "Runtime Verification for the Web"

- Axel Legay
  "Statistical Model Checking: Present and Future"

- Patrick Meredith and Grigore Rosu
  "Runtime Verification with the RV System"


The conference takes place in St. Julians on Malta, and is hosted by the
University of Malta. Malta lies at almost the exact geographical heart of the
Mediterranean Sea. With Sicily some 95 kms to the North, Tripoli 350 kms to
the South and Tunis 320 kms to the West, Malta is virtually at the crossroads
between continents. Malta's pre-history dates back to 5000 B.C. The official
languages of Malta are Maltese and English, so getting by with English is
not a problem. Italian is also widely spoken.

The accommodation and conference venue is the 5 star Le Meridien Hotel,
located on the ground of a 19th century Villa in St Julians, overlooking Balluta Bay.

The climate is typically Mediterranean. The average temperature in November is
20C (70F) during the day and around 14C (60F) at night.


The registration is open at:


- Early registration fee, before or on 30 September: 380 Euros
- Late registration fee, after 30 September: 450 Euros


RV 2010 is supporting a limited number of registrations for students at 190 Euros.
Students can apply by sending an email to Gordon Pace (gordon.pace at um.edu.mt)
with evidence of student status.


General Chairs:
- Howard Barringer, University of Manchester, UK
- Klaus Havelund, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
- Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Program Chairs:
- Grigore Rosu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
- Oleg Sokolsky, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Local Organization Chair:
- Gordon Pace, University of Malta, Malta

Tutorials Chair:
- Bernd Finkbeiner, Saarland University, Germany

Tool Demonstrations Chair:
- Nikolai Tillmann, Microsoft Research, USA

Publicity Chair:
- Ylies Falcone, INRIA Rennes, France


RV 2010 is sponsored by:
- The International Federation for Computational Logic
- The ARTIST Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design
- Microsoft Research
- University of Illinois

We look forward to welcoming you at the 1st International Conference on Runtime Verification.

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