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7th Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference

Theme of the year: Quality of Experience in Pervasive Media Networks and Applications

*****   Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, September 5-7, 2011  *****

*****   http://www.mobimedia.org *****




CONFERENCE DATES: September 5-7, 2011



Three special sessions:
 - QoE-MM: QoE for Mobile Multimedia-Aware Applications, chaired by prof. Tasos Dagiuklas [TEI of Mesolonghi, Greece] and prof. Weisi Lin
[Nanyang Technological University, Singapore]
 - Mobile Visual Search, chaired by prof. Jaime Delgado [UPC BarcelonaTECH, Spain] and prof. Rubén Tous [UPC BarcelonaTECH, Spain]
 - TVWS-DSANet: Dynamic spectrum access wireless networks in the TV white spaces, chaired by prof. Maurizio Murroni [University of Cagliari, Italy]
 - Multimedia in HMI - Human Machine Interaction, chaired by Dr. Antonio Solinas [Akhela, Italy]

Keynote speeches:
 - Prof. Christian Timmerer from the Klagenfurt University (Austria): recent advances on immersive mobile multimedia
 - keynote by the European Commission on the future calls related to Mobile Multimedia topic

 - Cognitive Radio Applications for Wireless Multimedia - Technology and Testbed, by Prof. Vlad Popescu [Transilvania University of Brasov, Ro]

Technical Sponsorship:
 - supported by IEEE MMTC (Multimedia Communications Technical Committees)

 - All accepted papers will be published in Springer Lecture Notes of ICST (LNICST) series and included in major article indexing services. 
 - Papers from the conference will be selected to be included in a special issue of the Journal Signal processing: image communications 
 - High quality paper of MobiMedia on QoE will be selected for submission to the Feature topic on QoE management in emerging multimedia services - IEEE Communications Magazine

Take a look at the conference webpage for updates ...


Successfully deploying multimedia services and applications in mobile environments requires adopting an interdisciplinary approach where multimedia, networking and physical layer issues are addressed jointly. Content features analysis and coding, media access control, multimedia flow and error control, cross-layer optimization as well as mobility management and security protocols are research challenges that need to be carefully examined when designing new architectures. We also need to put a great effort in designing applications that take into account the way the user perceives the overall quality of the provided service.
Within this scope, MobiMedia is intended to provide a unique international forum for researchers from industry and academia, working on multimedia coding, mobile communications and networking fields, to study new technologies, applications and standards. Original unpublished contributions are solicited that can improve the knowledge and practice in the integrated design of efficient technologies and the relevant provision of advanced mobile multimedia applications.

The conference key research areas include (but are not limited to):
- Application and channel coding paradigms, including for example joint source and channel coding paradigms, scalable video coding, wireless and ad hoc network solutions, ciphering and authentication.
- Networking and transmission mechanisms including for example transport and network protocol solutions, cross-layer techniques, rate control and adaptation mechanism for video delivery, impact of mobility and heterogeneous networks in multimedia delivery and p2p content delivery
- Multimedia services, business models and concepts, including for example new business models and service concepts, trust and security paradigms for multimedia delivery, test beds and experimentation platforms for multimedia.

In this MobiMedia edition particular emphasis will be put on the issue of Quality of Experience in Pervasive Media Networks and Applications. Indeed, the quality of the user experience, the perceived simplicity of accessing and interacting with systems and services, and the effective and acceptable hiding of the complexity of underlying technologies are certainly determining factors for success or failure of the multimedia services, as well as graceful degradation. Given the importance of this subject and the major advances that are still needed to reach robust solutions, the organizing committee will put great efforts in soliciting works that address QoE aspects in pervasive multimedia environments.
Submission of original contributions is solicited on the above topics.
To submit your paper please visit the website: http://www.mobimedia.org/index.php.


Conference General Co-Chairs
- Michele Battelli (battelli at google.com) [Google, USA]
- Daniele D. Giusto (ddgiusto at unica.it) [University of Cagliari, Italy]

Technical Program Co-Chairs
- Luigi Atzori [University of Cagliari, Italy]
- Zhibo Chen [Technicolor, China]
- Jaime Delgado [Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Espanya]

Local Chair
- Cristian Perra [University of Cagliari, Italy]

Special session Chair
- Pablo Angueira [University of the Basque Country, Spain]
- Maurizio Murroni [University of Cagliari, Italy]

Publicity Chair
- Giaime Ginesu [University of Cagliari, Italy]

Web Chair
- Michele Nitti [University of Cagliari, Italy]

Conference Management
- Aza Swedin [EAI, Europe]

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