[ecoop-info] [CAV 2011] Call for Workshop Submissions

Neha Rungta neha.s.rungta at nasa.gov
Fri Apr 22 19:44:40 CEST 2011

There are still oppurtunities to submit papers to the workshops
co-located with CAV 2011. We look forward to your contributions.

Neha Rungta
(CAV Workshops Chair)

*** apologies for multiple postings ***


SMT 2011: International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories


The aim of the SMT 2011 workshop is to bring together researchers
working on SMT and users of SMT solvers. Topics of interest include
but not limited to new theories, decision procedures, novel
implementation techniques, applications, and evaluation techniques.


**** EXTENDED Submission deadline  -  April 25, 2011 ******
Workshop: July 14-15, 2011


(EC)^2 2011: Exploiting Concurrency Efficiently and Correctly


While developing tools for verifying and debugging concurrent systems
has been an important theme at CAV, we believe that formal methods
research can go beyond checking existing code/systems, and play a role
in identifying the "right" abstractions for concurrency. The goal of
this workshop is to bring together CAV researchers with experts who
are involved in developing multicore architectures, programming
languages, and concurrency libraries.


Deadline for submission of full papers: April 29, 2011
Workshop: July 14-15, 2011

PDMC 2011: 10th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed
					methods in VerifiCation

The aim of the PDMC workshop series is to cover all aspects related to
the verification and analysis of very large and complex systems, in
particular in using methods and techniques that exploit current
hardware architectures. The PDMC workshop aims to provide a working
forum for presenting, sharing, and discussing recent achievements in
the field of high-performance verification


Deadline for submission of full papers: May 16, 2011
Workshop: July 14, 2011

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