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Romain Rouvoy romain.rouvoy at lifl.fr
Tue Aug 30 12:49:51 CEST 2011

EuroSys’12, the European Conference on Computer Systems
10-13 April 2012
Bern, Switzerland


EuroSys’12, the European Conference on Computer Systems, seeks papers on all aspects of computer systems, especially ones that bridge traditionally disjoint areas. All areas of operating systems and distributed systems are of interest, including:

   * Systems aspects of:
       - Cloud, grid, and internet/web computing
       - Databases, and information and data management
       - Dependable computing
       - Distributed computing
       - Local and distributed storage
       - Management, autonomics, and control
       - Measurement, monitoring, analysis, and diagnostics
       - Mobile, personal, and pervasive computing
       - Parallel and concurrent computing
       - Programming-language support and runtime systems
       - Real-time and embedded systems
       - Security
       - Sensor nets and tiny devices
   * Experience with existing systems
   * Negative results / reproduction or refutation of previous results

In addition to papers that report on the design, implementation, evaluation and deployment of systems or research work, we also actively encourage papers about new ideas, or experiences with ideas or systems. Appropriate standards will be applied to papers in different categories: for experiences papers, evaluation and lessons learned will be more important than novelty.

Papers are reviewed by the program committee in a two-round process. Papers will be accepted primarily for their impact on the systems community. Novelty, clarity of explanation, thoroughness of evaluation, and bridging gaps between different communities are additional criteria. Note that the above does not preclude the submission of a paper that is derived from a previous short paper or workshop paper, as long as it provides a significant new contribution. Acceptance may be provisional, subject to further shepherding by a member of the program committee before final acceptance.

Reviewing will be double-blind, meaning the authors' identities will be hidden from the reviewers. EuroSys applies ACM's policies for plagiarism, submission confidentiality, reviewer anonymity, and prior and concurrent paper submission. EuroSys implements confidentiality of submissions by (a) limiting access to submitted papers to the PC members and, in case the designated PC member needs a second opinion, external reviewers from the PC member’s organisation, and (b) publishing the names of all external reviewers. Submissions accompanied by nondisclosure agreement forms will not be considered.

Submissions may not exceed 12 pages double column, including everything (i.e., figures, tables, references, appendices, etc.), and should use a 10pt font. A LaTeX style file is available from the submission site. No changes to margins, spacing, or font sizes are allowed from those specified by the style file. Papers that violate the submission guidelines will be automatically rejected without consideration of their merit. Accepted papers will be allowed 14 pages in the proceedings. At least one author of an accepted paper will be expected to travel to the conference to present it.

Authors who are unsure whether or not their submissions might meet these guidelines, or with specific questions about the guidelines, are welcome to contact the program committee co-chairs, via eurosys2012-chairs at cs.vu.nl.

In order to encourage and aid authors less experienced in writing competitive systems papers, we offer a pre-submission option. All complete papers received by the pre-submission deadline (4 weeks before the actual paper deadline) will, within one week, receive feedback from an experienced systems researcher and reviewer on how to improve the paper. This feedback will focus on structure and presentation issues and emphasize improving the writeup rather than critiquing the research. As such, the same standards of double-blind reviewing apply as for the final papers.

In addition to paper presentations, EuroSys'12 will have a poster session. Submissions for posters will open closer to the conference deadline. Accepted papers will automatically qualify for the poster session, and authors will be strongly encouraged to participate. We will offer awards for the best paper and for the best paper with a student as the primary author.

Important dates

   * Paper pre-submission deadline: 20 September 2011
   * Abstract submission deadline:  14 October 2011
   * Full paper submission deadline: 20 October 2011
   * Reviews released to authors: 24 December 2011
   * Author rebuttals due: 1 January 2012
   * Notification to authors: 8 January 2012
   * EuroSys'12 workshops: 10 April 2012
   * EuroSys'12 conference: 11-13 April 2012

Program Committee

PC Chairs

   * Frank Bellosa, KIT
   * Herbert Bos, VU University

PC Members

   * Ricardo Bianchini, Rutgers University
   * Willem de Bruijn, Google
   * George Candea, EPFL
   * Manuel Costa, MSR Cambridge
   * Jon Crowcroft, Cambridge University
   * Leendert van Doorn, AMD
   * Kevin Elphinstone, UNSW & NICTA
   * Dawson Engler, Stanford University
   * Bryan Ford, Yale University
   * Andy Georges, Ghent University
   * Ashvin Goel, University of Toronto
   * Steve Gribble, University of Washington
   * Andreas Haeberlen, University of Pennsylvania
   * Hermann Härtig, TU Dresden
   * Eric van Hensbergen, IBM Austin
   * Maurice Herlihy, Brown University
   * Nikolai Joukov, IBM Watson
   * Eric Jul, DIKU
   * Frans Kaashoek, MIT
   * Terence Kelly, HP Labs
   * Anne-Marie Kermarrec, INRIA
   * Orran Krieger, VMWare
   * Jeff Mogul, HP Labs
   * Frank Müller, NCSU
   * Jason Nieh, Columbia University
   * Pradeep Padala, Docomo Labs
   * Guillaume Pierre, VU University
   * Niels Provos, Google
   * Rodrigo Rodrigues, MPI-SWS
   * Timothy Roscoe, ETH Zurich
   * Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, FAU
   * Assaf Schuster, Technion
   * Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech
   * Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell University
   * Paulo Verissimo, University of Lisboa
   * Andrew Warfield, University of British Columbia
   * Yuanyuan Zhou, UCSD


Conference Website: http://eurosys2012.unibe.ch/
Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/eurosys2012
For any inquiries please contact the program chairs at: eurosys2012-chairs at cs.vu.nl

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