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                    C A L L    F O R    P A P E R S

The IEEE Technical co-sponsorship 10th International Symposium on
Programming and Systems (ISPS'2011) co-organized by the Computer
Department of the University of Science and Technology Hourai
Boumediene (USTHB - ALGERIA) and the LiSSi laboratory of  Paris-Est
Creteil University (UPEC - FRANCE).

ISPS'2011 will be held on April 25 - 27, 2011, ALGIERS, ALGERIA.

Technical Co-Sponsorship: IEEE Communications Society

Refereed proceedings will be published by the IEEE and be available on
IEEEXplore online publication system.

Awards will be given for the most outstanding paper presented and best
graduate student papers presented.

Selected high quality papers from ISPS'2011 will be considered for
publication in ISI journals
pending their successful extension and an expedited review process.

Important Dates
Submission of full papers: January 16, 2011
Notification of acceptance: March 3, 2011
Camera-ready: March 20, 2011
Registration deadline: April 3, 2011

Main Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
** Communication and Network Systems
 - Wired and Wireless Networks : QoS and QoE Aspects, Switching and
Routing, Real-Time applications, Sensors, etc.
 - Security
 - Communication and Multimedia

** Web Technologies for Complex Systems
 - Software
 - Knowledge
 - Architecture

** Formal Programming and Systems
 - Programming: theory and practice
 - Systems: theory and practice

Organizing Committee:

General Chair:
 Malika BOUKALA-IOUALALEN - USTHB University, Algeria
 Abdelhamid MELLOUK - UPEC University, France

Program Co-Chairs:
 Abdelkader BELKHIR, USTHB University - Algeria
 Brice AUGUSTIN, UPEC University - France

Program committee:
 Ahmed-Nacer Mohamed, USTHB, Algeria
 Aissani Amar, USTHB Algeria
 Ait Ameur Yamine, ENSMA Poitiers, France
 Alimazighi Zaia, USTHB, Algeria
 Amirat Yacine, UPEC, France
 Andrés Vivas Oscar, Universidad del Cauca, Colombia
 Brice Augustin, UPEC, France
 Azzoune Hamid, USTHB Algeria
 Badache Nadjib, USTHB & CERIST, Algeria
 Barkaoui Kamel CNAM, France
 Bechkoum Kamal, University of Northampton, UK,
 Belkhir Abdelkader, USTHB, Algeria
 Bellatreche Ladjel, ENSMA-Poitiers, France
 Bellavista Paolo, University of Bologna, Italy
 Benatchba Karima, ESI,   Algeria
 Benferhat Salem Université d'Artois, France
 Ben-Othman Jalel, University of Versailles, France
 Ben-yelles Choukri-bey, IUT Valence France
 Boufaida Mahmoud, University of Constantine, Algeria
 Boufaida zizette, University of Constantine, Algeria
 Boughanem Mohand, Université Paul Sabatier-Toulouse, France
 Bouguettaya Athman, CSIRO ICT Centre, Canberra,  Australia
 Boukala-Ioualalen Malika, USTHB, Algeria
 Boutaba Raouf,University of Waterloo, Canada
 Brahim Hamid, University of Toulouse,France
 Caglar Mine, KOC University, Turkey
 Cerqueira Eduardo, Federal University of Para, Brazil
 Ghamri-Doudane Yacine, UPMV, France
 Cheriet  Mohamed, University of Quebec (ÉTS), Canada
 Chilamkurti Naveen, La Trobe University, Australia
 Diaz Michel, CNRS, France
 Djeddi Noureddine, University of Biskra,  Algeria
 Djeraba Chabane, University of Lille1,  France
 Djouadi Yacine, University of Tizi ouzou, Algeria
 Drias Habiba, USTHB, Algeria
 El-Fouly Tarek, Qatar University, Qatar
 EL-Hajji Said, Morocco
 Erradi Mohammed, Morocco
 Festor Olivier, INRIA, France
 Fowler Scott, Linkoping University, Sweden
 Granelli Fabrizio, University of Trento, Italy
 Gregorio Martinez, University of Murcia, Spain
 Guessoum Ahmed, USTHB,  Algeria
 Guessoum Zahia, UPMC, France
 Guyennet Herve, University of Besançon, France
 Hammad Ahmed, University of Besançon, France
 Hassanein Hossam, Queen University, Canada
 Hoceini Said, UPEC, France
 Hunt Ray, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
 Jean-Michel Ilié, UPMC, , France
 Kayser Daniel, University of Paris-Nord, France
 Khan Samee, North Dakota State University, USA
 Koudil Mouloud, ESI, Algeria
 Koutsakis Polychronis, Technical University of Crete, Greece
 Larabi Slimane, USTHB, Algeria
 Lebbah Yahia, University of Es Senia-Oran, Algeria
 Law Eddie, Ryerson University, Canada
 Lorenz Pascal, University of Haute Alsace, France
 Marchese Mario, University of Genoa, Italy
 Masip-Bruin Xavier, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain
 Medjahed Brahim, University of Michigan ­ Dearborn USA
 Meddour Djamal, Orange Labs, France
 Mellouk Abdelhamid, UPEC, France
 Mezghiche Mohamed LIFAB, Boumerdès, Algeria
 Mihovska Albena, Aalborg University, Denmark
 Mohammed Samer, UPEC, France
 Mokhtari Aicha, USTHB Algeria
 Mokdad Lynda, UPEC, France
 Moreno Juan, IAI-CSIC, Spain
 Moubayed Nazih, Lebanese University, Lebanon
 Hassen Mountassir, University of Besançon, France
 Patrice Moreaux, University of Annecy, France
 Moustafa Hassnaa, Orange Labs, France
 Mueller Peter, IBM Research, Switzerland
 Nakib Amir, UPEC, France
 Occello Michel, University of VALENCE, France
 Oussalah Mourad, University of Nantes, France
 Oukhellou Latifa, INRETS, France
 Ouzzani Mourad, Purdue University, USA
 Laure Petrucci, University of Paris Nord, France
 Poitrenaud Denis, UPMC, , France
 Rolland Colette, University of Paris 1, France
 Rebaine Djamel, Université du Quebec, Canada
 Richard Jean-Pierre, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France
 Rodrigues Joel, University of Beira Interior, Portugal
 Sahraoui Houari, Université Montreal, Canada
 Sekhri Larbi, University of Es Senia-Oran, Algeria
 Sibertin-Blanc Christophe, University of Toulouse, France
 Si-Mohammed Malik, University of Tizi ouzou,Algeria
 Talbi El-Ghazali, University of Lille, France,
 Touati Youssef, University of Paris 8, France
 Uchida Naoki, NTT, Japan
 Yahya Bashir, University of Versailles, France
 Zeadally Sherali, University of the District of Columbia, USA

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