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Jaelson Brelaz de Castro jbc at cin.ufpe.br
Wed May 11 17:23:30 CEST 2011


Fifth International i* Workshop (iStar'11) Trento, Italy, 29-30 August, 2011


Co-located with the 19th IEEE International Requirements Engineering
Conference (RE’11)

A growing number of groups around the world have been using the i* modelling
framework in their research on early requirements engineering, business
process design, organization modelling, software development methodologies,
and more. Following successful workshops in Trento (2002), London (2005),
Recife (2008) and Hammamet (2010), it is time for another meeting focusing
on i*, Tropos, and related frameworks, where researchers can exchange ideas,
compare notes, and hopefully forge new collaboration with like-minded folk.

We are organizing the Fifth International i* Workshop, and cordially invite
you and members of your group to join us. The 2-day workshop will be held in
Trento, Italy, 29-30 August, 2011, as a co-located event with the 19th IEEE
International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’11). This research
workshop complements the iStar Showcase’11 event being organized for 21
June, 2011 in London UK, aimed at promoting industry awareness and adoption,


The objective of the workshop is to share knowledge, stimulate discussion
and foster new lines of research and collaboration among different groups.

To support these goals, we will schedule as much time for discussion as for
presentations – the actual time will depend on the final number of accepted
papers. For every accepted paper, we will assign one discussant that will
provide an initial position about the paper once presented, and then
discussion will follow. If the schedule allows, we plan to include further
occasions for discussion in the program, in addition to the customary
wrap-up session.

The program will also include a keynote talk.


Contributions should be 4-6 pages in LNCS format,
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html, describing current and
ongoing research related the i* framework. The contribution shall adhere to
the following structure:

- Title, authors, abstract

- Section 1. Introduction.

- Section 2. Objectives of the research.

- Section 3. Scientific contributions. If you have tool support, please
mention and describe it explicitly

- Section 4. Conclusions. Of particular interest are any assessments of i*
and related frameworks, including industrial experiences

- Section 5. Ongoing and future work

- References. Please restrict references to mainly your own work.

All submissions should be uploaded to easychair

All submissions will be peer-reviewed and accepted works will be published
in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings Series,


June    3rd, 2011          Submit title, abstract and paper
July    11th, 2011         Notification
July    21st, 2011         Camera Ready
August  29th-30th, 2011    iStar 2011 in Trento, Italy


Jaelson Castro             Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil

Xavier Franch               Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

John Mylopoulos         University of Trento, Italy

Eric Yu                         University of Toronto, Canada


Carla Silva, Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Brazil

For further questions contact mailto:carla at dce.ufpb.br <carla at dce.ufpb.br>

(Subject : iStar’11 Paper Submission)

i* Workshop TOOLS FAIR:  Call for Submissions

Many tools have been created to facilitate modeling and analysis with i* and
related frameworks.  As part of the 5th International i* Workshop (iStar’11)
we are organizing a Tools Fair to update community knowledge about the
current offerings of i* modeling and reasoning tools.


The i* Workshop will include a session for tool demos. The session will
consist of a two-minute presentation of two slides (automatic transition
from one slide to the next will be enforced) and then the floor will be
opened for demos.


Fill out a form providing information about your tool by creating a wiki
page on the i* wiki:
http://istar.rwth-aachen.de/tiki-index.php?page=i*+Tools.   If a page on the
wiki already exists for your tool, please update it as appropriate.  Contact
jenhork at cs.utoronto.ca if you require a new user name and password for the
wiki. The consolidation of these forms will be used to update our online
comparison of i* Tools (

Prepare a three page description of the tool, using LNCS format
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html.  Descriptions should include
a screen shot of the tool and should cover the following points:

•       Tool name and version
•       Download information/availability
•       Web page and documentation
•       Goal modeling framework supported
•       Main purpose of the tool
•       Primary features
•       Status and maturity

•       Limitations and future plans

•       Interoperability with other tools
•       Use in industrial case studies (if applicable)

All descriptions should be uploaded to easychair

The Tools Fair proceedings will be peer-reviewed and published in the CEUR
Workshop Proceedings Series,
http://sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/Publications/CEUR-WS/, as part of
the iStar workshop proceedings


June    3rd, 2011          Submit tool form and description
July    11th, 2011         Notification
July    21st, 2011         Camera Ready
August  29th-30th, 2011    iStar Tools Fair 2011 in Trento, Italy


Jennifer Horkoff, University of Toronto, Canada
For further questions contact jenhork at cs.utoronto.ca
(Subject : iStar'11 Tools Fair).
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