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*ECSS 2011**- * <http://www.ecss2011.polimi.it/>*7th EUROPEAN COMPUTER 
SCIENCE SUMMIT * <http://www.ecss2011.polimi.it/>

/"Informatics Transforming Society"/

8--9 November 2011, Milan, Italy


7 November 2011, Milan, Italy

REGISTER HERE <http://emma.polimi.it/emma/showEvent.do?page=1520&idEvent=48>

The ECSS 2011 is the 7th Summit of DEANS, DEPARTMENT CHAIRS and SENIOR 
FACULTY of leading European Computer Science and Informatics faculties, 
departments, research institutes and laboratories. Like its previous 
editions, ECSS 2011 is the meeting place for anyone interested in issues 
of research, education and policy in Informatics and offers an unique 
opportunity to meet some of the leading decision makers in informatics 
research and education, and discuss the critical issues of the 
discipline. The summit  will be held this year at the Politecnico di 
Milano, in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world, 
filled with culture, art and innovation.

The Summit is devoted to important and timely strategic issues and 
trends regarding all aspects of informatics: education, research, 
funding, entrepreneurship, management, career development, and policies 
and has among its main goals:

  * To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of solutions and best
    practices on common issues
  * To examine ways in which deans, department heads, and research
    directors in Informatics can work together to improve teaching and
    research, can influence the policies of their universities,
    governments and the EU, and take joint initiatives on many other issues
  * To bring together key leadersin the field who will discuss the
    latest advances and the future of the discipline
  * To expand the international network of Informatics deans, heads of
    departments, and research directors in Europe

The particular theme of ECSS 2011 is Informatics Transforming Society. 
Recent events have shown more clearly than ever the transformative power 
of information technologies; ECSS 2011 will enable researchers, 
educators, managers and other experts in the field to assess the 
consequences of our discipline and discuss the best ways of enabling 
informatics to make its best possible contribution to the progress of 

As in previous years, the speakers are an impressive group of 
world-class researchers and leaders in industry and international 
organizations. The ECSS 2011 select list of keynote speakers includes:

  * Judith Bishop - Microsoft Research
  * Stefano Ceri - Politecnico di Milano
  * Janice Cuny -  US National Science Foundation
  * Monika Henzinger - University of Vienna
  * Willem Jonker -  European Institute of Innovation and Technology
    (EIT ICT Labs)
  * Miron Livny -  University of Wisconsin
  * John Mylopoulos -  University of Trento
  * Xavier Serra -  University Pompeu Fabra
  * John White - ACM

In addition to invited presentations, the ECSS program includes also 
talks selected from submitted contributions on topics of wide interest 
to the informatics community and two discussion panels on timely issues: 
*Academia-Industry Technology Transfer *and *Open Access for and based 
on Informatics R&D.

*** Workshop for Department Chairs, Deans, and Research Directors **
The day before the actual Summit, November 07, a special workshop for 
Deans, Department Chairs and Research Directors chaired by Prof. Mehdi 
Jazayeri, from the University of Lugano, will be held. The workshop 
provides a networking opportunity for department chairs, old and new, to 
share experiences, common challenges, and best practices. It provides a 
forum for strengthening your leadership and management competencies by 
exchanging best practices and by building relationships among department 
heads at European Informatics research institutions. The  workshop 
focuses on the role of the department chair in setting goals and 
defining success criteria. Both new and experienced department heads are 
invited for an exchange of best practices, new ideas and common challenges.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

.        Schahram Dustdar - Technical University of Vienna
.        Anthony Finkelstein - University College London, UK
.        Paola Inverardi - Department of Computer Science, University of 
L'Aquila, Italy
.        Mehdi Jazayeri -  Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano, 

**** Special Event - Curriculum Best Practices Award Ceremony ***

As a special feature of  the ECSS 2011 it will be held the Award 
Ceremony of the 2011 Curriculum Best Practices Award. 
Organized by Informatics Europe and sponsored by Intel, the first 
edition of the Curriculum Best Practices Award focus in the area of 
*Parallelism and Concurrency* and includes a 30.000 EUR prize. The 
ceremony will feature the public announcement and awarding of the two 
winner proposals and presentation of their achievements.

Registrations to the conference are open. To register follow the steps 
on "How to Register" 
<http://emma.polimi.it/emma/showEvent.do?page=1520&idEvent=48> in the 
conference website.

Come join this exciting and important event in the field of Informatics!

The ECSS 2011 Organizing Committee

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