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1st International Workshop on Network Resilience: From Research to Practice October 4th, 2011, Madrid, Spain.



to be held in conjunction with with IEEE SRDS 2011 http://lsd.ls.fi.upm.es:11888/srds/




The research community has developed elaborate mechanisms and strategies to ensure the resilience of critical networking infrastructures. A challenge for researchers is ensuring their output is relevant to practitioners, and can thus lead to the improved resilience of current and future network deployments. This is difficult for several reasons: the challenges of acquiring useful detailed information regarding network outages; the difficulties of wide-scale experimentation with network disruptions such as attacks; the general lack of transparency regarding the challenges faced by network operators and the processes used to mitigate them; and the difficulty of modeling the complex manner in which socio-technical networked systems fail.


This workshop aims to bring together practitioners at the frontline of providing resilient network infrastructures with the research community in order to engage in a dialogue that can steer future resilience research in directions that will meet the resilience problems of current and future networks. In line with this goal, this workshop will feature a hybrid approach of individual presentations, combined with interactive sessions intended to stimulate active exchange and collaboration between the communities.


The major areas of interest pertain to all stages of resilient networks' design and operation, and include, but are not limited to, the following:


* Resilient network design, current practice and research proposals

* Composition/correlatio of network resilience metrics across the protocol stack

* Approaches to carrying out large-scale disruptive resilience experiments, and results from these

* Analysis of network outages that provide insights regarding the efficacy of resilience approaches

* Empirical approaches to specifying desired levels of network resilience

* Service level agreements and their mapping on fault management procedures

* Risk assessment approaches to inform resilience decision making

* The role of the human operator in the operation of resilient autonomic systems

* Understanding the complexities of resilience incidents, such as cascading effects

* Cross-disciplinary aspects, including the economic and legal frameworks for providing network resilience

* Measurement approaches and metrics for assessing resilience in practical deployments

* Anticipated resilience problems caused by future Internet service provisioning platforms

* Techniques for enhancing existing networks with resilience capabilities


Submission Guidelines:


Authors should prepare a short summary (1 page PDF) of their proposed demonstration, outlining the type and scope of their presentation, intended audience and resources required at the event (space, time, equipment etc.). Accepted demonstrations can optionally submit an extended white-paper about the content of their demonstration, this material will be distributed at the workshop.  Please send your demonstration proposal to Paul Smith (p.smith at comp.lancs.ac.uk) by 23rd September, 2011.


Organising Committee:


* Christian Doerr, Technical University Delft, Netherlands

* Merkouris Karaliopoulos, University of Athens, Greece

* Christian Rohner, Uppsala University, Sweden

* Marcus Schöller, NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany

* Paul Smith, Lancaster University, UK


Important Dates and Deadlines:


* Demo Abstract Submission: Sep 23, 2011

* Notification: Sep 26, 2011

* Workshop Date: October 4, 2011


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