[ecoop-info] Call for Papers BMAEPS 2012 - Submissions due December 9, 2011

Rob Bell Jr robbell at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 13 16:37:15 CEST 2011


		 Workshop: Benchmark Methods to Analyze Embedded Processors and
					(BMAEPS 2012)

	In conjunction with the International Conference on Performance
Engineering (ICPE)
		 		 April 22, 2012, Boston, MA, USA


 		 - Paper Submission Deadline: December 9, 2011
 		 - Decision Notifications: February 10, 2012
 		 - Camera Ready Deadline: March 9, 2012

SUBMISSION INFO:  www.eembc.org/bmaeps/cfp.php

		 Accepted papers will be copy-edited and appear in the digital
library of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series. Benchmarks
are a crucial component of any processor or system design, serving as an
analysis tool in performance- and energy-related matters. Some benchmarks
target algorithms and applications focused on application-specific areas
such as digital entertainment, smartphones, networking equipment,
automotive, and telecommunications. Benchmarks also target specific
technologies such as multicore, digital signal processing, and compilers.
In either case, the creative use of benchmark methodologies will lead to
increased efficiency and effectiveness of the final processor and system.

In this one-day workshop, papers will cover the use of benchmarks,
providing a forum for researchers and industry to discuss issues related to
performance and energy analysis of systems and processors.

Topics include:

		 - Processor architectures
		 - Memory and cache system optimizations
		 - Networks-on-chip
		 - Application specific processors, accelerators, instruction
		 - Reconfigurable architectures and accelerators
		 - Simulation and model-driven design methodologies
		 - Compiler techniques and optimizations
		 - Program characterization and workload analysis techniques
		 - Code size/memory footprint optimizations
		 - Multicore architectures, programming languages, and
programming interfaces
		 - Real-time operating systems
		 - Profile-guided dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, and
energy efficiency

Workshop Organizers:
		 Markus Levy (EEMBC President)
		 Shay Gal-On (EEMBC Director of Technology)

Program Committee:
		 Francisco J. Cazorla 	(Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
		 David Kaeli 		(Northeastern University)
		 Tom Conte 		 	(Georgia Institute of Technology)
		 Michael J. Phillips 	(Lockheed Martin)
		 Jozo Dujmovic 		(San Francisco State University)
		 Per Stenstrom 		(Chalmers University, Sweden)
		 Torsten Fink 		(Dolby Labs)
		 Sumit Sur 		 	(Qualcomm)
		 Mason Guy 			(Intel)
		 Nigel Topham 		(University of Edinburgh)
		 Paolo Ienne 		(Ecole Polytechnique Federale)

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