[ecoop-info] CONCUR 2012: Call for workshops

Emilio Tuosto emilio at mcs.le.ac.uk
Tue Sep 20 14:37:53 CEST 2011

                       * CONCUR 2012 *
               Call for affiliated workshops

The 23rd Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2012) will be held
September 4th to September 7th 2012, in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. It
will co-locate with 21st Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling,
Optimization and Simulation (PATMOS, September 4th to September 6th,
2012), and the 7th Workshop on Trustworthy Global Computing (TGC,
September 7th to September 8th, 2012).

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for
workshops to be affiliated to CONCUR 2012, on topics related to
concurrency theory and its applications. Example topics include:
semantics, logics, verification techniques for concurrent systems, and
cross-fertilization between industry and academia. Past CONCUR
conferences have been accompanied by successful workshops on a variety
of topics, such as formal and foundational methods, models of systems
(biological, timed), security issues, semantical issues, and
verification methods. See the following links for examples of past workshops:


The purpose of the workshops is to provide participants with a
friendly, interactive atmosphere for presenting novel ideas and
discussing their application. The workshops take place on Monday,
September 3rd and Saturday, September 9th, 2012.

Proposals should include:

  * The name and the preferred date of the proposed workshop.

  * A short scientific summary of the topic, its scope and
    significance, including a discussion on the relation with CONCUR

  * If applicable, a description of past versions of the workshop,
    including dates, organizers, submission and acceptance counts, and

  * Procedures for selecting papers and/or talks, plans for
    dissemination (for example, proceedings and special issues of
    journals), and the expected number of participants.

Important Dates:

Workshop proposals due: Monday, October 24, 2011
Notification of acceptance: Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Workshops: September 3rd, 2012 and September 8th, 2012
Submissions to: Jason Steggles <jason.steggles at newcastle.ac.uk>
	        and Emilio Tuosto <emilio at mcs.le.ac.uk>

The CONCUR organization offers:

  * Link from the CONCUR web site.
  * Setup of meeting space, and related equipment.
  * Coffee-breaks.
  * Lunches.
  * On-line and on-site registration to the workshop.
  * One free workshop registration (for an invited speaker)

The main responsibility of organizing a workshop goes to the workshop
chairperson(s), including:

* Workshop publicity (possibly including call for papers, submission
  and review process).
* Scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the CONCUR
  workshop chairs.

For more information, please contact us via email
(jason.steggles at newcastle.ac.uk and emilio at mcs.le.ac.uk)

The CONCUR 2012 workshop chairs,
Jason Steggles and Emilio Tuosto

        Emilio Tuosto

        Department of Computer Science
        University of Leicester
        Leicester, LE1 7RH
        United Kingdom

        Tel. +44 (0) 116 252 5392
        Fax. +44 (0) 116 252 3915

        homepage -> http://www.cs.le.ac.uk/people/et52


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