[ecoop-info] Fully-Funded PhD and Post-Doc Positions in Dynamic Analysis

Matthias Hauswirth Matthias.Hauswirth at usi.ch
Wed Sep 28 14:50:40 CEST 2011

We are currently recruiting PhD students and a post-doc for research on the
"Foundations of Dynamic Analysis" in the FAN Swiss National Science
Foundation Sinergia project between the University of Lugano and ETH
Zurich. The positions include a competitive salary and generous support for
conference travel and equipment.

General Qualifications (apply to PhD and post-doc)

You need to:

 *   be really excited about our project
 *   be persistent (get back up and continue when things don't work out as
    planned -- true research rarely works out as planned)
 *   be fearless (e.g., be ok hacking a virtual machine, a compiler, a
    kernel, or implementing a complex algorithm)
 *   have a small child's attitude
    (to want to understand and learn about everything they encounter)
 *   have an engineer's attitude (not to take the first solution that comes
    to mind, but to look at the key alternatives)
 *   have a researcher's attitude (to want to truly understand something,
    and to not be satisfied with the first best explanation)
 *   want to look at the simple and obvious before exploring the
 *   be able to focus
    (to ignore the many other cool things one could also do)
 *   derive pleasure from coming up with a logical and clear argument or
 *   like to read (books, papers, papers, papers)
 *   like to write (prospectus, proposal, dissertation, and papers)
 *   like to present (at conferences, or in class)
 *   like to convince others using sound arguments
 *   be ok working hard
 *   under-promise and over-deliver
 *   be happy staying in Switzerland for quite some time
 *   be ok traveling long distance from time to time
    (e.g., for conferences)

Qualifications for PhD Students

You need to:

 *   have (or soon receive) a Masters degree in computer
    science/engineering, informatics, or related fields
 *   be ok with assisting in teaching and in taking courses where needed
 *   be ok investing 3+ years as a "research apprentice" (aka PhD student)

Qualifications for PostDocs

You need to:

 *   have (or soon receive) a PhD degree in computer science/informatics
 *   have prior research experience in the areas of programming languages
    and/or software engineering
 *   have co-authored top-tier publications in conferences such as PLDI,

How to Apply

We will start evaluating applications on October 1, 2011, and we will
continue accepting applications until the positions are filled. Application
to our PhD and PostDoc positions is highly competitive. As part of the
application process, you will have to pass a challenge which will take some
effort to complete. The earlier you start with the application process, the
better. More information: http://fan.inf.usi.ch/open-positions

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