[ecoop-info] TOOLS Europe 2012: Call for Participation

Scott West scott.west at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Apr 2 14:54:19 CEST 2012


                          CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                            TOOLS EUROPE 2012

                    50th International Conference on
                 Objects, Models, Components, Patterns

                        The Triumph of Objects

                 29-31 May 2012, Prague, Czech Republic


                             Co-located with:
                ICMT 2012, SC 2012, TAP 2012, MSEPT 2012


Becoming commonplace is a technology's ultimate proof of success. TOOLS 
Europe 2012 will celebrate the "triumph of objects" by welcoming 
researchers and practitioners who develop and use object-oriented 
techniques, models, components and patterns as enabling technologies in 
diverse domains. Started in 1989, the TOOLS conference series has played 
a major role in the development of object technology and, with its 
emphasis on practically useful results, has contributed to making it 
mainstream and ubiquitous.

Invited Speakers:

  * Lionel Briand
  * Alan Kay (remote talk by video conference)
  * Bertrand Meyer


Early registration, at a reduced price, will be open
until 25 April 2012.


Conference Chair
     - Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich, Eiffel Software, and ITMO

Program Chairs
     - Carlo A. Furia, ETH Zurich
     - Sebastian Nanz, ETH Zurich

Local Organization
     - Pavel Tvrdik, CTU Prague
     - Michal Valenta, CTU Prague
     - Jindra Vojikova, CTU Prague
     - Jan Chrastina, CTU Prague

Publicity Chair
     - Scott West, ETH Zurich

Accepted papers:

* DroidSense: A Mobile Tool to Analyze Software Development Processes by 
Measuring Team Proximity. Luis Corral, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo 
Succi, Juri Strumpflohner and Jelena Vlasenko

* Learning to Classify Bug Reports into Components. Ashish Sureka

* Elucidative Development for Model-Based Documentation and Language 
Specification. Claas Wilke, Andreas Bartho, Julia Schroeter, Sven Karol 
and Uwe Aßmann

* Enhancing OSGi with Explicit, Vendor Independent Extra-functional 
Properties. Kamil Jezek, Premek Brada and Lukas Holy

* Measuring Test Case Similarity to Support Test Suite Understanding. 
Michaela Greiler, Arie Van Deursen and Andy Zaidman

* Quality Evaluation of Object-Oriented and Standard Mutation Operators 
Applied to C# Programs. Anna Derezinska and Marcin Rudnik

* Non-interference on UML State-charts. Martín Ochoa, Jan Jürjens and 
Jorge Cuellar

* Viewpoint Co-Evolution through Coarse-Grained Changes and Coupled 
Transformations. Manuel Wimmer, Nathalie Moreno and Antonio Vallecillo

* 101companies: a community project on software technologies and 
software languages. Jean Marie Favre, Ralf Laemmel, Thomas Schmorleiz 
and Andrei Varanovich

* Incremental Dynamic Updates with First-class Contexts. Erwann Wernli, 
Mircea Lungu and Oscar Nierstrasz

* Efficient Method Lookup Customization for Smalltalk. Jan Kurs, Jan 
Vrany and Claus Gittinger

* Representing Uniqueness Constraints in Object-Relational Mapping: The 
Natural Entity Framework. Mark Olah, David Mohr and Darko Stefanovic

* Detection of Seed Methods for Quantification of Feature Confinement. 
Andrzej Olszak, Eric Bouwers, Bo Noerregaard Joergensen and Joost Visser

* Multiparty Session C: Safe Parallel Programming with Message 
Optimisation. Nicholas Ng, Nobuko Yoshida and Kohei Honda

* Identifying A Unifying Mechanism for the Implementation of Concurrency 
Abstractions on Multi-Language Virtual Machines. Stefan Marr and Theo 

* TimeSquare: Treat your Models with Logical Time. Julien Deantoni and 
Frédéric Mallet

* Poporo: A Formal Methods Tool for Fast-Checking of Social Network 
Privacy Policies. Néstor Cataño, Sorren Hanvey and Camilo Rueda

* Integrating Efficient Model Queries in State-of-the-art EMF Tools. 
Gábor Bergmann, Ábel Hegedüs, Ákos Horváth, Zoltán Ujhelyi, Istvan Rath 
and Daniel Varro

* Supporting Compile-Time Debugging and Precise Error Reporting in 
Meta-Programs. Yannis Lilis and Anthony Savidis

* Fake Run-Time Selection of Template Arguments in C++. Daniel Langr, 
Pavel Tvrdík, Tomáš Dytrych and Jerry P. Draayer

* Assisted Behavior Driven Development Using Natural Language 
Processing. Mathias Soeken, Robert Wille and Rolf Drechsler

* An object-oriented application framework for the development of 
real-time systems. Francesco Fiamberti, Daniela Micucci and Francesco Tisato

* Turbo DiSL: Partial Evaluation for High-level Bytecode 
Instrumentation. Yudi Zheng, Danilo Ansaloni, Lukas Marek, Andreas Sewe, 
Walter Binder, Alex Villazon, Petr Tuma, Zhengwei Qi and Mira Mezini

* Verification of snapshotable trees using access permissions and 
typestate. Hannes Mehnert and Jonathan Aldrich

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