[ecoop-info] 3 PhD positions, INRIA-Triskell team

Benoit Baudry Benoit.Baudry at inria.fr
Tue Apr 24 01:36:12 CEST 2012

The INRIA Triskell group (www.irisa.fr/triskell) has 3 open PhD positions:

- Modeling variability in regulatory requirements. requirements engineering, MDE, model analysis and understanding, information retrieval. Supervisor: Benoit Baudry
This PhD will address trace retrieval between regulatory and system requirements, and the systematic identification of variation points within regulatory requirements. Both tasks will rely on metamodeling state-of-the-art techniques to improve the structure of requirements description through a strong type system, and for impact analysis. In particular, we will investigate the retrieval of variability models within requirements, following a software product line paradigm.

- Resource Reservation in a pervasive middleware. pervasive/distributed system, MDE. Supervisors: Benoit Baudry, Johann Bourcier
This PhD will address the problem of ensuring resource availability for distributed pervasive applications. This problem will be addressed through the evolution of a state of the art Java Virtual Machine and state of the art Models at runtime techniques.  In particular, we will investigate dynamic reservation on distributed and volatile environment of various resources (such as CPU, memory and so on) for each application.

- Software Testing of Interactive Systems. MDE, HCI, model-based testing. Supervisors: Benoit Baudry, Arnaud Blouin
This PhD will investigate the use of modern software development concepts to define new innovating and efficient methods to test interactive software. Several challenges must be tackled: the automatic test cases generation from models; their automatic execution; empirical evaluation of HCI properties; etc. This work will be done in cooperation with industrial partners from the energy industry. Here, challenges are related to time and accuracy: the software must react within tight time contraints and must compute accurate representations of the system status. Thus, the results of this work can be validated through use cases related to this domain.

INRIA Rennes, 3 years, Salary: ≈1600€/month, the positions are open until they are fulfilled, and no later than November 2012. The student will join the Triskell research group (www.irisa.fr/triskell), which research focuses on model-driven engineering. The group includes 7 faculty members, 20 PhD students, engineers and postdocs.
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