[ecoop-info] CFP - Special collection on ontologies and semantics in communication systems and networks

Antonio Ruiz Martínez arm at um.es
Sun Aug 5 18:47:17 CEST 2012

Call for Papers

Special collection on ontologies and semantics in communication systems 
and networks

Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology (JRPIT)
(JCR, IMPACT FACTOR 2010: 0.205)

Guest Editors:
Antonio Ruiz-Martínez, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Rafael Valencia-Garcia, Universidad de Murcia, Spain


Ontologies and semantics have emerged as a fundamental research topic in 
the information systems area to knowledge representation, making 
explicit the meaning of information, to share information and to achieve 
interoperability between. Thus, ontologies and semantics are being used 
in different fields such as Semantic Web, e-Business, information 
integration, data mining, database design, etc. But its use can be 
extended beyond information systems and can be applied in networked 
systems. In these systems ontologies can provide the basis for the 
automation of information exchanges, dynamic configuration of systems, 
detecting attacks into the systems, reasoning on behaviour and context 
that allow dynamic and context-aware applications, etc.

The purpose of this special collection is to collect innovative and 
high-quality research contributions regarding the role played by 
ontologies and semantics in networked systems. This special collection 
aims to explore the synergies between these technologies and give 
insights on the recent advances in these topics by soliciting original 
scientific contributions in the form of theoretical and experimental 
research and case studies.


In this special collection we welcome contributions on the following 
topics (but are not limited to):

* Design and modeling of ontologies for different kind of networked systems:
   - Web services
   -(Secure) computer networks and distributed systems
   - Context-aware applications
   - Architectures of networked services
   - Online communities
   - Grid services
   - E-government/e-business/e-commerce systems
   - Recommender systems for networked applications
* Ontologies for networked system interoperability
* Ontology for semantic Web services composition
* Applications, evaluations, and experiences with ontologies and 
semantics in the following kind of networked systems:
   - E-business systems
   - E-governement systems
   - Collaborative systems
   - Multimedia communications
   - Secure and private communications
   - Context-aware systems
* Ontological and semantic evaluation of networked systems
* Editing tools for ontologies for networked systems
* Usability and user interaction with semantic technologies in networked 


Deadline for submission of papers: 31 October 2012
Authors to receive a 1st decision by: 30 January 2013
Final notification of acceptance: 31 March 2013
On-line and print publication: (subject to JRPIT Schedule)


Papers will be evaluated based on their originality, presentation, 
relevance and contribution to the field of ontologies and semantics in 
networked systems, as well as their suitability to the special 
collection, and for their overall quality. Contributions are accepted 
for review on the understanding that the same work has not been 
published and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere. 
Substantially revised (minimum 30% of new content) versions of papers 
published in conference proceedings can also be submitted. In this case, 
the original paper should also be enclosed.
The Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology is an 
international quality, peer reviewed journal covering innovative 
research and practice in Information Technology. For additional 
information regarding the journal and manuscript preparation, please 
visit http://www.acs.org.au/jrpit/
All submissions should be sent directly to the Guest Editors.


Antonio Ruiz-Martínez, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
email: arm at um.es

Rafael Valencia-García, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
email: valencia at um.es

Antonio Ruiz Martínez, PhD
Department of Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science-University of Murcia
30100 Murcia - Spain
http://ants.inf.um.es/~arm/ or http://webs.um.es/arm/
e-mail: arm at um.es or arm [at] um [dot] es

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