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CALL FOR PAPER - Second announcement

1st IEEE Workshop on Traffic Identification and Classification for
Advanced Network Services and Scenarios (TRICANS)
IEEE ICC 2013 workshop
Budapest, Hungary, Week of ICC (9-13 June 2013)


* Workshop Description *
TRICANS workshop will provide an excellent international forum for
sharing state-of-the-art advances and experiences in scientific research
on Internet traffic identification and classification and their
associated applications on advanced network scenarios and novel network
services. TRICANS will explicitly consider traffic identification and
classification as well as management issues related to very hot and
challenging scenarios such as content-centric networks (CCN), Software
Defined Networks (SDN), cloud computing systems and data centers,
virtual networks, and the like. The ever-growing network link speeds
have reached hundreds of Gbps and they are quickly approaching to Tbps
in the core network. In order to support accurate network profiling of
users and services, ISPs have been relying on Deep Packet Inspection
(DPI), flow-based techniques, or other behavioral analysis of the
Internet traffic. However, there are still a number of challenges in
this field. On one hand, new networked applications come daily into play
bringing massive amounts of traffic data to be processed in real-time.
Such traffic volume keeps pushing industry and academia researchers to
develop affordable yet efficient traffic identification and
classification systems. To this end, there are demands for
high-performance distributed and parallel traffic classification systems
for both commodity or special-purposed hardware platforms. On the other
hand, in the long-term, such solutions for traffic profiling will become
part of the network management tools and techniques portfolio available
for advanced network services. Also, new architectures and their
supporting technologies, such as information- and content-centric
networking architectures, cloud computing and network virtualization,
and the like, will require network profiling services to enable robust
and dynamic networking services capabilities. To address these research
challenges, this workshop will focus on theory, tools, techniques, and
applications of traffic identification and classification systems to
enable advanced support for next-generation network architectures,
services, and scenarios.
The topics covered by the workshop include, but are not limited to, the
- Measurement and modeling of Internet traffic for advanced networked
- Network and system troubleshooting through DPI technologies
- Lightweight technologies for DPI in routers and middle-boxes
- Network profiling of users and networked applications
- Security and privacy in traffic identification and classification
- DPI technologies support for virtual networks and cloud computing
- Profiling network traffic in data center networks and cloud computing
- Inferring and assessing Quality of Experience (QoE) of users and
- Novel visualization techniques for traffic classification and analysis
- Packet processing support in operating systems for novel line-rate
network services
- Management of large network traffic data sets
- SDN approaches for network performance monitoring
- Traffic classification in SDN network elements and controllers
- Traffic Classification and Identification of Cloud services
- Traffic Classification and Identification for Internet Security
- Classification and Identification of Botnet

* Submission Guidelines *
Prospective authors are encouraged to submit a full paper (5 pages) for
review. Only original papers that have not been published or submitted
for publication elsewhere will be considered. These submissions should
follow the IEEE ICC 2013 formatting guidelines, templates for which are
available at the main conference web page. The maximum paper length is
of five (5) pages.
Submission website: https://edas.info/N13453?c=13453

* Important Dates *
- 4th of January 2013, registration of abstracts
- 11th of January 2013, paper submission deadline
- 22th of February 2013, notification deadline
- 8th of March, camera ready
- Workshop date: Week of ICC, 2013 (9-13 June 2013)

* Workshop General Chairs *
- Stenio Fernandes, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil
- Antonio Pescapé, University of Napoli ''Federico II'', Napoli, Italy
- Géza Szabó, Ericsson Traffic Laboratory, Budapest, Hungary

Alessio Botta, PhD
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Napoli "Federico II"
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