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          CALL FOR PAPERS:   SAFECOMP 2012
31st International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security

              25.09. - 28.09.2012  \\  Magdeburg, Germany

SAFECOMP is an annual event covering new trends, technologies and experiences in the areas of safety, security and reliability of critical computer applications. Since it was established in 1979, SAFECOMP has continuously contributed to the progress of state-of-the-art in dependability of computers in critical systems. The key theme of SAFECOMP2012 will be "Virtually safe -- making system safety traceable". Dependability is an abstract concept and so are most methods for analyzing them. But engineers, reviewers and the public need to understand why a system is safe. Therefore, in 2012 we will focus on methods which make system safety traceable and understandable. Examples range from virtual reality models and scenarios through simulation and model-based analyses to approaches for tracing requirements.

All accepted papers will be published in a special volume of Springer LNCS. In addition, the best contributions will be invited to a special issue of the International Journal on Reliability Engineering and System Safety (RESS) published by Elsevier.

Dependability related topics for SAFECOMP2012 include but are not limited to:
* safety/security risk assessment
* model-based design and analysis
* risk reduction and mitigation techniques
* self-healing and resilience
* formal methods, verification and validation
* in-the-loop and model-based testing
* methods for qualification and certification
* dependability analysis using simulation and virtual reality
* human factors in dependability analysis
* cyber-physical threats and vulnerability analysis
* safety guidelines, standards and certification
* safety and security interactions
* traceability & safety cases

Domains of application include but are not limited to:
* networking and telecommunication
* railway systems, automotive, aerospace and avionics
* logistics, production automation and robotics
* medical devices and e-health
* critical infrastructures and power systems
* off-shore technology
* education & training

SAFECOMP will also offer various workshops on September 25th related to dependability. We will provide organization (including rooms, catering and payment). If workshops have adequate quality measures (i.e. program committee, acceptance rate, etc.), they might be included in a special Springer LNCS volume for SAFECOMP workshops. If you are interested in organizing a workshop please contact safecomp at ovgu.de for further details. Workshop proposals will be accepted/reject within in two weeks.

All accepted papers will be published by Springer in the LNCS series. In addition, extended versions of the best papers will be invited to a special issue of the International Journal on Reliability Engineering and System Safety (RESS) published by Elsevier.

Paper submission details
The tradition of SAFECOMP is to act as platform for bringing together academic research and industrial needs. Therefore, industrial contributions and real-world experience reports are explicitly invited.

We solicit two types of papers:

* academic papers (up to 12 pages) and
* industrial experiences papers (up to 8 pages).

All papers will be reviewed by at least three members of the international program committee. Papers must not have been previously published or concurrently submitted elsewhere. Paper submission details and style files may be found on the website.

Important dates
Full paper submission:                  05. March 2012 (extended)
Tutorial proposals:                         30. April 2012
Notification of acceptance:        14. May 2012

NEW: The SAFECOMP 2012 - Community - a new way of exchanging ideas with research colleagues
Scientific conference are for networking and exchange of ideas!

   * very often you only learn who might be interesting for exchanging ideas at the very end of the conference (maybe after the social event).
   * you often find interesting people for discussion and wish, you could have read some of their papers before.

To compensate these deficiencies, we developed the SAFECOMP Community forum. It is an absolutely PRIVATE, NON-COMMERCIAL forum for SAFECOMP authors, participants and supporters to hook up with each other. We will under no circumstances give away any data.
In SAFECOMP Community, you may enter keywords describing your research and in exchange find colleagues in the community who are working and researching on similar topics. You will also be able to upload up to three of your own papers to share with others. As papers will only be available to a limited audience in a protected area this is also compliant with most copyright regulations. However, it is each authors responsibility to check this for his own papers. We hope, that you like this new feature and are happily awaiting any feedback and suggestions.

Your advantages are:

   * Connect to other people with the same fields of research
   * With SAFECOMP Community you can find new colleagues, working on related problems
   * Make others aware of your newest ideas and publications
   * Plan your networking and the talks you are most interested in
   * Automatically get all information & updates regarding the conference

Get more information about SAFECOMP Community at http://www.ovgu.de/safecomp/about-sc-2012/safecomp-community

International Program Committee
Program Chairs:
F. Ortmeier (DE)
P. Daniel (DE)

Program Committee Members:
Anderson S. (UK)                            Knight J. (US)
Anderson T. (UK)                            Koornneef F. (NL)
Bitsch F. (DE)                                    Ladkin P. (DE)
Bloomfield R. (UK)                         Lesage J.-J. (FR)
Bologna S. (IT)                                  Liggesmeyer P. (DE)
Bondavali A. (IT)                              Lindskov Hansen S. (DK)
Braband J. (DE)                                Littlewood B. (UK)
Broy M. (DE)                                     Mottok J. (DE)
Buth B. (DE)                                      Nordland O. (NO)
Damm W. (DE)                                 Ortmeier F. (DE)
Daniel P. (UK)                                   Pataricza A. (HU)
Dittmann J. (DE)                              Pfeiffenberger T. (AT)
Ehrenberger W. (DE)                     Reif W. (DE)
Felici M. (UK)                                    Rieger G. (DE)
Flammini F. (IT)                                Romanovsky A. (UK)
Frey G. (DE)                                      Rothfelder M. (DE)
Giese H. (DE)                                    Saake G. (DE)
Glaß M. (DE)                                     Saglietti F. (DE)
Göhner P. (DE)                                Schätz B. (DE)
Gorski J. (PL)                                     Schenk M. (DE)
Grunske L. (DE)                               Schmitz C. (CH)
Guiochet J. (Fr)                                Schoitsch E. (AT)
Halang W. (DE)                                 Schulze, S.-O. (IN)
Heisel M. (DE)                                  Schäfer W. (DE)
Heitmeyer C. (US)                          Sedigh S. (US)
Johnson C. (UK)                              Sujan M.-A. (UK)
Jürjens J. (DE)                                  Trivedi K. (US)
Kaaniche M. (FR                              Van der Meulen M. (NO)
Keller H. (DE)                                    Vogel-Heuser B. (DE)
Kelly T. (UK)

SAFECOMP Contacts:
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Fakultät für Informatik
Sekretariat Computer Systems in Engineering
Universitätsplatz 2 / Gebäude 29
39106 Magdeburg
Fon             +49 391 67-18915
Fax +49 391 67-12020
Mail safecomp at ovgu.de
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