[ecoop-info] CFP: Workshop on Social Business Computing (SBComp 2012) in conjunction with the 15th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2012)

Dimitris Apostolou dapost at unipi.gr
Fri Feb 24 08:54:01 CET 2012

                             CALL FOR PAPERS
        1st Workshop on Social Business Computing  (SBComp 2012)
                             in conjunction with
     15th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS
                           Vilnius, Lithuania
                             May 21-23, 2012
                Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2012
    The social Web induces dramatic changes in how business is
conducted. Business in recent years has changed dramatically compared to
the pre-social Web environment. The social Web denotes the use of the Web
technologies to interconnect people; it encompasses how websites and
software are designed and developed in order to support and foster
online social interactions. Social networking sites such as Facebook and
Twitter as well as collaborative tools such as wikis and blogs enable
people and organizations to maintain a persistent relationship with each
other. These new interaction possibilities are dictating dramatic changes
in how companies run their business. In a hyper-connected global business
environment, competition is more unpredictable and diverse; the social
customer, employee, supplier, and partner each have a voice and the
means to use his/her voice at scale.
    The proposed workshop will deal with novel research approaches,
concepts, technologies, applications and studies that address aspects of
social business computing that systematically engage constituent members
of the business ecosystem (employees, customers, partners and suppliers)
in ways that maximize co-created value for the ecosystem.
* Recommender systems and information filtering and retrieval algorithms
  and tools for harvesting social intelligence for business value
* Community mining and analysis to drive sales
* Customer referrals and purchase influence analysis in social networks
* Consumer behavior analysis in social networks
* Customer relationship management in social networks
* Interactive and one-to-one marketing based on social relations
* Supporting communities of customers in which they can help each other
  solve problems with products
* Creating ad hoc teams to address unanticipated problems in  operations
* Identifying influencers to get the word out about new products in
* Improving company reputation management in order to timely address
  problems by taking into account what the public thinks  
* Monitoring and tracking customer participation in social media
* Techniques such as crowdsourcing to stimulate customer participation
  and encourage the generation of new ideas and suggestions that shift
  the focus of the enterprise towards the consumer needs
* Business analytics and mining techniques for facilitating competitive
  analysis, generating customer analytics such as customer profiling and
* Customer journey modeling and analysis
* Supporting promotion planning and impact assessment
* Social networking algorithms for leveraging complex relationships
  between content, people and organizations that surface through social
* Discovering partner organizations for possible cooperation and
  identifying new peers in the business network neighborhood
* Contextualisation/personalization of applications and services
* Policies for the use of social business services 
* Architectural issues of social business applications. How do new tools
  for social business relate to given IT environments in organisations? 
* Organisational cost/benefit of social business adoption
* Trust and security related issues
* Challenges and approaches for user involvement
* Business models for monetizing social networks
* Long papers: max. 12 pages
* Work-in-progress reports: max. 6 pages
* Demo papers: max. 4 pages
    Papers must be submitted in PDF format according to Springer LNBIP
template available from
    Submission system is available at
    Papers approved for presentation at SBComp 2012 will be published in
BIS 2012 workshop post-conference proceedings, as a volume in Springer's
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series. BIS
2012 Workshops proceedings will be distributed to BIS 2012 participants
in October 2012 by regular mail.
* March 31, 2012 - submission deadline for papers
* April 27, 2012 - notification of acceptance/rejection
* May 4, 2012 - submission of final papers
* May 21-23, 2012 - the workshop
* University of Piraeus, Greece (http://www.cs.unipi.gr)
* Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece
* Dimitris Apostolou
* Yiannis Verginadis
* Esteve Almirall, ESADE, Spain
* Frederic Amblard, CNRS-IRIT, France
* Darco Anicic, FZI, Germany
* Dimitris Apostolou, University of Piraeus, Greece
* Ansgar Bernandi, DFKI, Germany
* Efthimios Bothos, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems,
* Fred Durao, University of Aalborg, Denmark
* Charalambos Magoutas, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems,
* Pierre Maret, University of Jean Monnet, France
* Gregoris Mentzas, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
* Claudia MĂźller-Birn, Freie University, Germany
* Sarwat Nizamani, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
* Benjamin Satzger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
* Jerzy Surma, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
* Yiannis Verginadis, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems,


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