[ecoop-info] SPLC 2012 -- Call for Workshop Proposals

Sven Apel apel at uni-passau.de
Sat Jan 21 14:31:46 CET 2012

SPLC 2012:
16th International Software Product Line Conference

September 2-7, 2012, Salvador, Brazil

Call for Workshop Proposals

Important Dates:

Workshop proposals:
   Submissions: March 1, 2012
   Notifications: March 16, 2012

Workshop papers:
   Calls: March 30, 2012
   Submissions: May 25, 2012
   Notifications: June 15, 2012
   Camera-ready versions: June 29, 2012

We invite proposals for one-day or two-day workshops to be held in
conjunction with SPLC 2012. We encourage proposals on
conference-related topics that are novel or of emerging importance.
Each workshop proposal will be evaluated according to the value and
relevance of its topic, the expertise and experience of the workshop
organizers, and the workshop's potential for attracting participants
and generating useful results. We stress the importance of active and
creative workshops that foster a collaborative environment of interest
to both practitioners and researchers. We encourage workshop proposals
that are highly interactive, rather than mini-conferences.

Submission Guidelines
A workshop proposal must be authored by at least two organizers,
preferably from different institutions, and should contain the
following three sections:

1) About the Organizers
- Name: organizer's full name
- Contact information: affiliation, job title, postal address, e-mail
   address, URL, phone number, and fax number
- Brief biography: 100-200 words, focusing on the organizer's
   expertise in the field and experience as a workshop organizer
- Primary contact: identify one organizer as the primary contact

2) About the Workshop
- Title: workshop title and acronym
- Abstract: 150-200 words describing the workshop, suitable for the
   conference Web site and advance program
- Topics and motivation: What are the topics, themes, and areas of
   interest of the workshop? How is the workshop relevant to SPLC? How
   does the workshop connect SPLC to other research communities?
- Goals and expected results: Explicitly state the goals of the
   workshop and how you intend to reach them. What are the expected
   results of the workshop? How will these results be disseminated?
- Format: What is the planned workshop format? What will be done to
   stimulate collaborative interaction? What are the planned pre- and
   post-workshop activities?
- Participants: What is the expected number of participants? Explain
   why this workshop will attract a sufficient number of attendees.
   Specify the participant selection process.
- Previous workshops: Have there been previous workshops on the same
   topic? When, where, and how many participants?
- Required equipment: Overhead projector, PC projector, whiteboard,
   flip charts, microphone, etc.

3) A Preliminary Call for Workshop Papers
This will necessarily repeat some of the information from the previous
sections, but should be targeted towards prospective participants. The
workshop call for papers should address the following items:

- Overview of the motivation, topics, and goals
- Workshop format
- Deadlines of the workshop (see Important Dates above)
- Submission guidelines and review process
- References to previous workshops (Web sites)

ACM Publication
There will be the option to publish the accepted papers of the workshops
in a separate volume, next to the volume that contains the conference
papers. ACM will be the publisher. So, for ACM publication, final versions
of each workshop paper will have to be prepared using ACM formatting,
granting ACM copyright, and are limited to 4 to 8 pages. The workshop
organizers are responsible for assembling their workshop proceedings and
therefore ensuring correct formatting. Workshop organizers should send the
workshop chair the list of accepted papers by June, 2012 and the workshop
proceedings by July 6, 2012 (hard deadlines).

Submission requirements
Proposals must be submitted in ASCII text or PDF format. Relevant
supporting materials, such as proceedings from previous offerings of
the proposed workshop (or other workshops run by the proposal
authors), should be included if available but are not required for

To obtain a balanced and cohesive workshop program, the conference
committee will collaborate closely with workshop organizers and
reserves the right to circulate proposals to other submitters in view
of possible workshop mergers. The organizers of an accepted workshops
will be required to create and maintain a Web site in a timely manner
to serve as a workshop information center and to provide a repository
for documenting pre- and post-workshop activities.

How to submit
Workshop proposals must be sent via email to the workshop chair
(apel at uni dot passau dot de),
and must be received no later than March 1, 2012.

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