[ecoop-info] MODULARITY: aosd.2013 - Call for submissions to the Industry Track

Eric Bodden bodden at st.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Jun 25 22:20:51 CEST 2012

MODULARITY: aosd.2013

*** AOSD 2013 ***

March 25-29, 2013
Fukuoka, Japan

Call for Papers -- Industry Track

Modularity is the foundation of large-scale modern software
development. As software becomes larger and more complex, traditional
modularity techniques are no longer sufficient to create and maintain
software systems. The International Conference on Aspect-Oriented
Development (AOSD) is the premier conference on software modularity.
The AOSD 2013 industry track is calling on software professionals to
submit papers on modularity describing advanced solutions, state of
the art practices, problem descriptions, experiences, and system/tool


Domains of interest include, but are not limited to cloud computing,
middleware, desktop applications, financial, communications,
automotive, and languages/tools. Each domain has its own technologies,
development style, and business context. More specifically, AOSD 2013
is seeking submissions that address questions such as the following:

* How are traditional forms of modularity insufficient for solving
  complex technical problems?
* What novel techniques of modularity are being used?
* How is modularity being used at different stages of the software
  development process: requirements, design, architecture, modelling,
  programming, testing?
* Are techniques such as aspect-orientation, domain-specific
  languages, software services, generative programming, and
  meta-programming useful for creating well-modularized systems?
* Dependency management and provisioning tools such as p2, maven, and
  gradle help create large software from reusable components, but are
  they sufficient?
* Finally, what are the complications of producing and consuming
  modular software in the open source community?

Important Dates -- Industry Track

(all deadlines are in 2012, 23:59:59 Pago Pago/American Samoa time)

AOSD 2013 is deeply committed to eliciting works of the highest
caliber. To this aim, two separate paper submission deadlines and
review stages are offered. A paper accepted in either round will be
published in the web-proceedings and presented at the conference.
Promising papers submitted in an early round that are not accepted may
be invited to be revised and resubmitted for review in a later round.
Authors of such invited resubmissions are asked to also submit a
letter explaining the revisions made to the paper to address the
reviewer's concerns. While there is no guarantee that an invited
resubmission paper will be accepted, this procedure, similar to major
revisions requested by journals, is designed to help authors of
promising work get their papers into the conference.

* Round 1: Submission: July 23rd / Notification: September 10th
* Round 2: Submission: October 8th / Notification: December 10th
(all deadlines are in 2012, 23:59:59 Pago Pago, American Samoa, time)

How to submit

Submissions to the AOSD 2013 industry track will be accepted at
http://aosd.net/2013/industry_track/submissions/. Submission should be
no longer than 10,000 characters and in markdown format.

Any images, figures, or graphs should be hosted at a third party image
sharing site such as Imgur and linked to from the submitted document.
The industry track organizing committee may migrate these images to
AOSD.net servers for the camera-ready copy.

Review process

Each submission will be reviewed by the AOSD 2013 industry program
committee. Evaluation is based mainly on the usefulness to the AOSD
community, i.e., each submission should describe its modularity issue
(problem, solution, practice, experience and/or system/tool
development) along with characteristics of its industrial domain
Explicit discussion on the issue is also required, such as analysis of
the problem, benefit/ drawbacks of the solutions, lessons learned from
the experience. Importance of the issues, deepness of their
discussions and understandability (technical soundness, clarity and
organization) will be evaluated. The committee may contact authors as
a part of review process.

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