[ecoop-info] LaME'12 CFP: Languages for the Multi-core Era (ECOOP workshop)

Jonathan Aldrich jonathan.aldrich at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 21 13:22:14 CET 2012

                        LaME’12 Call for Papers

    2012 International Workshop on Languages for the Multi-core Era
               June 13 2012, at ECOOP 2012, Beijing China
(also colocated with PLDI, ISMM, LCTES, the X10 workshop, and other events)

LaME is an interactive venue for exposing, evaluating, and developing
programming language support for concurrency. This workshop provides a
forum for the proposal and discussion of creative ideas that spur the
development of innovative or improved concurrency models, languages,
run-time systems, libraries and tools for multicore programming.

We solicit contributions in any of three forms, at

1. Regular papers (of up to 8 pages) reporting mature or ongoing work
in relevant foundational and theoretical aspects of concurrent
programming, languages, tools, frameworks, case studies, and practical
experience.  Selected papers peer reviewed by the Program Committee
will be presented at the workshop and included in the ACM digital

2. Position papers (of up to 2 pages) describing ongoing work of
attendees.  Position papers will be reviewed for scope and relevance,
and distributed to all attendees before the workshop.

3. Solutions to the LaME'12 programming challenge (to be issued April
15, 2012). A session at the workshop will be devoted to brief
presentations of solutions and their implications for the design and
implementation of programming languages and parallel program

Important dates

Regular paper submission          April 15, 2012
Regular paper notification        May 13, 2012
Regular paper final copy          May 25, 2012
Position paper submission         May 20, 2012
Programming challenge submission  May 20, 2012
Workshop                          June 13, 2012

Organizing Committee

* Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University) 
* Paulo Marques (University of Coimbra) http://pmarques.dei.uc.pt/
* Bruno Cabral (University of Coimbra) http://eden.dei.uc.pt/~bcabral/
* Néstor Catañho (University of Madeira) 
* Doug Lea (State University of New York at Oswego) 

Program Chair
* Doug Lea (State University of New York at Oswego) 

Program Committee
* Robert Bocchino (Carnegie Mellon University) 
* Brian Goetz (Oracle) http://www.briangoetz.com/
* Philipp Haller (TypeSafe and EPFL) http://lampwww.epfl.ch/~phaller/
* Mark Miller (Google) http://research.google.com/pubs/author35958.html
* Simon Peyton-Jones (Microsoft) 
* Vivek Sarkar (Rice University) 
* Steve Vinoski (Basho) http://steve.vinoski.net/blog/

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