[ecoop-info] Two postdoc positions in Lisbon

Vasco T. Vasconcelos vv at di.fc.ul.pt
Fri Nov 16 20:00:41 CET 2012

Lasige, Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory
http://lasige.di.fc.ul.pt/, is looking for post-docs to join two
ongoing projects.

Liveness Statically. Objective: development of automatic solutions to
guarantee liveness properties of distributed, collaborative,
communication-centred, software systems and applications,

Advanced Type Systems for Multicore Programming. Objective:
development of new concurrency abstractions, together with the
associated static analysis methods for multicore programming,

We seek applicants with strong interest in some of the following
topics: programming language design and implementation, programming
logics and types, verification, and concurrency.  The successful
candidates will in work closely with Prof Vasco T. Vasconcelos, in the
{Lasige} Group of Software Systems, http://gloss.di.fc.ul.pt and the
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences, University of

Applicants must hold a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics or related
discipline, and must produce evidence of expertise on the topics of
the project.

For full details and how to apply see

Further inquires may be made to Vasco Vasconcelos, vv at di.fc.ul.pt.

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