[ecoop-info] SMAC '13 SPLASH workshop deadline extended to Sept. 2: Workshop on Software Engineering for Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud

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SMAC 2013 :  Workshop on Software Engineering for


Submission deadline extended to September 2

Call for Papers

Enterprises are increasingly basing decisions on advanced analytics, and
using analytics to interact more effectively with their customers (e.g, to
determine suitable promotions to offer them). Social network data is ever
more prevalent and important, and mobile devices are key both for
information gathering (e.g., location) and communication (e.g., offering a
promotion to a customer who is nearby). Business innovations arise
frequently, and lead to the need for rapid development of customized
analytics and analytics-based applications. These are often hosted on
clouds, leading to the quartet known as SMAC: social, mobile, analytics,
cloud. The time-compressed lifecycle inherent in this context poses
significant software engineering challenges. Customizing and assembling
components in novel ways dominates development from scratch, and requires
suitable development-time and run-time support, such as analytics, social
and mobile platforms or ecosystems. Business users who are not developers
should be able to accomplish customization and simple assembly, and end
users should have a pleasant, consistent and personalized user experience.


The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and
exploration of software engineering challenges in the SMAC context. We want
to promote interactions and synergy among researchers and developers who
deal with the challenges of developing and deploying effective analyses of
social and mobile data, towards shared understanding of the implications of
SMAC for software engineering. To facilitate interaction and discussion,
the workshop will consist of two working sessions. In each we will have
brief presentations by authors of a subset of accepted papers, followed by
a panel discussion, and then a group discussion to further explore
important questions. To fuel this discussion, all presenters will be asked
to come prepared to describe two problems they have encountered or
anticipate in engineering SMAC software.


The focus of this workshop will be the software engineering aspects of
analytics, and of the confluence of analytics, social and mobile. Topics
and trends of interest include, but are not limited to:
      Software engineering of analytics algorithms (distributed, real-time,
      incremental, …)
      Supporting platforms for analytics-based solutions (ecosystems,
      cloud, …)
      Reuse and composition of analytics components
      Environments for development, testing and validation
      Data acquisition and integration from multiple sources, including
      social and mobile
      Building and leveraging models of people from relevant temporal,
      spatial and other data
      Real-time personalization for mobile users
      Privacy and security issues in the SMAC context

Important Dates
      Submission Deadline: August 26 September 2
      Author Notification: September 17
      Final version: October 3

Submission Information

Prospective participants are invited to submit 2-5 page position papers on
any topic relevant to the workshop focus.
Papers must be submitted through Easy Chair by the submission deadline.
Submissions will be judged based on novelty, insightfulness, quality,
relevance to the workshop, and potential to spark discussion.
Accepted submissions will be posted on the workshop website.


Elham Khabiri ekhabiri at us.ibm.com
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