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9th International Workshop on 
Automation of Software Test (AST’14) 
(Special Theme: Testing Mobile Applications)  
May. 31 ~ Jun. 7, 2014
In Conjunction with the 
36th International Conference on Software Engineering(ICSE’14)
Hyderabad, India,  May. 31 ~ Jun. 7, 2014
In software development practice, testing accounts for as much as 50% of the total development effort. It is therefore imperative to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of software testing by automating the testing process. In the past decades, a great amount of research effort has been spent on automatic test case generation, automatic test oracles, etc. Test automationis also becoming an important part of software testing practice. 
The workshop is the 8th edition of the successful AST workshops held at ICSE 2006-2013. It will provide researchers and practitioners with a forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, understanding of the problems, visions for the future, and promising solutions to the problems. The workshop will also provide a platform for researchers and developers of testing toolsto work together to identify the problems in the theory and practice of software test automation and to set an agenda and lay the foundationfor future development.

The workshop  focuses on bridging the gap between the theory and practice of software test automation. The topics  of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
1)Methodology: Software test automation  in the context of various software development methodologies. 
2)Technology: Automation of various  test techniques and methods for testing related activities, as well as for  testing various types of software applications. 
3)Tools and environments: Issuesin the development, operation, maintenanceand evolution of software testing tools and  environments, and their integration and inter-operation with other types of  software development and maintenance tools and runtime support environments  and platforms. 
4) Experiments, empirical studies and experience  reports: Experiments, empirical studies of software test automation, as  well as reports on real experiences in using automated testing techniques,  methods and tools in industry. 
5) Identification  of problems and visions of the  future: The identification of problems that hamper wider adoption of  automated test techniques, methods and tools and the analysis and  specification of the requirements on automated software testing. 
The AST 2014 workshop focuses on a special topic on Testing  Mobile Applications. Submissions on this topic are especially encouraged,  but papers on other topics are also welcome.  
This year the workshop has a special theme on Testing Mobile Applications.  
Research work on this topic will be particular welcome, but papers on other topicsare also welcome. 

Three sessions on this special theme will be organized as follows. 
	* Akeynote     session with an invited keynote speech by an active researcher in the     area, followed by discussions. 
	* Aregular paper session with presentations of acceptedpapers on the special theme to     report the current state of art in research. We are seeking for regular     paper for presentation in the regular session. 
	* Two     Charette sessionsaiming at an in-depth discussion on a this special     topic will be organized in order to identify the difficulties and     specific issues of the problem, to evaluate potential solutions,and to share experiences.It will startwith a description and discussion     oftheproblems and invite the participants to discuss how the problems are to be     addressed in various different approaches. The participants will be     organized into a number of groups. Each group works on a sub-problem of     the topic. The results will be reportedto the whole     workshop.  

Important date:
	* Submissiondeadline: 14 Jan. 2014
	* Notificationof acceptance: 17 Feb. 2014
	* Camera-Ready version: 14 Mar. 2014
	* Workshopdate:  Two days during ICSE 2014 (May 31 ~ Jun 7, 2013)
Two types of submissions are invited: 
Regularpapers: present research in the area of software test automation. They will be judged on the basis of their clarity, relevance, originality, and contribution. 
Industrialcase study papers:present practical applications of test automation. They will be judged on the basis of their clarity, relevance, and interest to the workshop participants.
Both types of papers are limited to 7 pages in ACM Conference Proceedings Format.  Please see the ICSE 2014 Instructions for Authors for details about paper formatting at the following URL:
All papers submitted to the workshop must be unpublished original work and should not be under review or submitted elsewhere while being under consideration.
All submissions must be in English and in PDF  format through online uploadto the workshop submission website at the following URL: 
All submissions will be reviewed by three PC members.  
PC Co-Chairs
Prof. Jerry Gao, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA. 
URL:  http://www.engr.sjsu.edu/gaojerry/
Email: gaojerry at hotmail.com
Dr. Saurabh Sinha, IBM Research - India, Bangalore, India.
URL: http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/view.php?person=in-saurabhsinha  
Email: saurabhsinha at in.ibm.com;
Prof. Lu Zhang, Peking University, Beijing, China.
Web: http://sei.pku.edu.cn/~zhanglu/
Email: zhanglu at sei.pku.edu.cn
Steering Committee 

	1. Prof. Hong Zhu (Chair), Oxford Brookes University , UK; hzhu at brookes.ac.uk  
	2. Prof. Antonia Bertilino, ISTI-CNR, Italy
	3. Prof. Fevzi Belli, Paderborn University, Germany; 
	4. Dr. Christof J. Budnik, Siemens Corp. Research, USA 
	5. Prof. Shing-chi Cheung, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong; 
	6. Dr. Jenny Li, Avaya Labs Research, USA;   
	7. Dr. Steve Masticola, Siemens Corporation, Corporate Research , USA 
	8. Prof. Eric Wong, University of Texas at Dallas , USA;
PC committee members can be found at the website.
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