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Call for Papers EuroPLoP 2013 on Design Patterns

2nd of 3 calls. Sorry for multiple posts! I would like to ask for your collaboration to
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18th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs
July 10-14, 2013 – Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany

Visit http://europlop.net/


EuroPLoP 2013 is the premier European conference on patterns and pattern languages. Design patterns are a unique and effective way to capture expertise, tacit knowledge and research findings. Unlike other conferences, EuroPLoP 2013 focuses on improving papers instead of only presenting them.

Authors will receive high quality feedback in a constructive way. The comments and suggestions can be used to improve submitted papers for final publication:
- All accepted papers will be published as proceedings.
- Selected papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library.
- Papers that have been in a Writer’s Workshop also qualify for a submission to the Springer journal LNCS Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (TPLoP).

EuroPLoP also accepts work from thesis or book projects. In the past, many book authors have submitted parts of their work to get valuable feedback.

Share and learn: Patterns are an effective way to share knowledge about a domain. A pattern description generalizes about multiple cases and reflects about regularities and driving design forces. The interdisciplinary topics of EuroPLoP 2013 provide new insights and inspiring ideas from other fields.

Theory meets practice: EuroPLoP attracts both, participants from academic and industrial contexts. It is a unique community of experts, researchers, practitioners and thought-leading people. The creative and constructive atmosphere is highly productive.

High-quality feedback: All submissions will benefit from an iterative shepherding process prior to the conference. In this process, authors receive feedback and suggestions for their work. At the conference, submitted papers will be discussed by peers from the same or related domains in so called Writer’s Workshops. Instead of being presented by the author, papers will be elaborated in deep detail by pattern experts and authors will get feedback and comments.

We are looking for patterns in the fields of

- Software design and engineering
- Software and hardware technology
- Cloud computing
- Mobile applications
- Agile Development and coaching
- Distributed and service-oriented systems
- Performance optimizing and reliability
- Protocols and standards
- Business and organization
- Education and collaboration
- Human computer interaction
and many more…

In addition to these topics, we welcome contributions from other domains. EuroPLoP accepts papers containing patterns or pattern languages, as well as experience reports and papers related to the theory and use of patterns.

Papers on applying patterns 
The focus of these papers should be on applications of patterns in industrial projects, as well as on systematizing the application of patterns. They should stimulate a general discussion on how to disseminate the patterns literature more widely in higher education and training. Please submit:

- Scientific studies on patterns and pattern applications
- Papers that present theoretical arguments about patterns
- Reflections, analysis and empirical evaluations of patterns and pattern languages
- Reports on using patterns in industry projects, education and organizations
- The pattern approach as a research methodology

Focus groups
We are also looking for focus groups and proposals for new session formats. We have reserved time slots during EuroPLoP for scheduled focus groups and open spaces. If you want to announce a focus group topic in advance, please write a short abstract and submit it through our submission system. You can also propose and experiment with new formats (fishbowls, collaboration sheets, six thinking hats). Please state shortly how you will organize your session, how much time is needed, and how many participants are required.

Important dates:
February 4, 2013: Paper submission deadline
March 11, 2013: Shepherding starts
April 15, 2013: Second draft due for review
April 15, 2013: Submission deadline for focus groups
May 6, 2013: Paper acceptance notification, Registration opens
June 1, 2013: Closing date for early registration
June 10, 2013: End of shepherding
June 17, 2013: Conference draft version due
July 10-14, 2013: Conference
November 26, 2013: Proceedings version due

After the initial submission, authors have time to revise their paper and incorporate the feedback received from their shepherd. All accepted papers will be discussed in Writer’s Workshops during the conference. Paper submissions should not exceed 10 pages although larger submissions are acceptable. If your paper is significantly longer than 10 pages or contains more than five patterns, please consider to split it up into several submissions. Papers with pattern languages may be longer but we can only discuss parts in the workshops. We welcome papers that only contain one or two patterns.

We are looking forward to receive your contributions!
Christian Kohls & Uwe van Heesch

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