[ecoop-info] Call for Papers for 'Human-Rules'

Francois Lévy levy at univ-paris13.fr
Wed Mar 20 13:43:58 CET 2013

Here is a call for Papers, hoping it is of interest for people in your list. 
Appologies for cross-posting.

François Lévy, Pr
Univ. Paris 13, France

RuleML 2012 Special Track on "Translating between Human Language and Formal Rules: Business, Law, and Government"

Over the last decade there has been enormous growth in unstructured and semi-structured textual material distributed on the web, for instance legal sources. Yet a substantial knowledge-acquisition bottleneck remains in using Human Language Technologies (HLT) to translate from this material to machine-readable, knowledge-based semantic representations. The 'Hu man-Rules' Special Track of RuleML 2013 has its focus on these issues, providing a forum for current work and a venue for the exchange of ideas. For details, important dates, and submission information please go to the link.

Note the deadline for submissions is early April, 2013.


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