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Fri Oct 4 08:21:00 CEST 2013

4 PhD positions in the Aselsan - University of Twente cooperation framework

The University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands) and Aselsan (Ankara,
Turkey) are seeking enthusiastic and creative Ph.D. candidates of Turkish
nationality, with an outstanding M.Sc. degree in Computer Science (or an
equivalent qualification) and/or Electrical Engineering.

Candidates should have thorough theoretical and practical background in
software engineering methods, software architectures, programming languages
and modeling techniques. Depending on the projects (see the list below)
applied to by the candidate, knowledge in product line engineering,
scheduling, event-driven and service-oriented architectures, formal modeling
approaches and optimization techniques is favorable.

Please apply on or before 15 November 2013.


See http://fmt.ewi.utwente.nl/projects/aselsan for a full overview of the
cooperation framework and the associated projects. The following projects are
currently open for application:

* Productline for Optimal Schedulers (PLOS): The project PLOS proposes a
   productline architecture for designing optimal schedulers for the digital
   receivers that takes care of application semantics in scheduling, can cope
   with dynamically changing context, can deal with variations in scheduling
   objectives, optimizes the scheduling criteria and causes an acceptable
   overhead. The productline approach enables to effectively reuse the basic
   building elements of the scheduler asset base in different application

* Reuse of event-driven service-oriented architectures (RESA): The project
   RESA aims at defining methods and techniques for enhancing reuse of
   event-driven service-oriented signal processing systems. To this aim, the
   project considers reuse with respect to new software adaptation and
   evolution requirements together with time performance requirements, since
   these two quality factors generally conflict with each other. Also,
   optimization techniques will be provided for the trade-off between these
   quality factors. Experiments will be carried out using industrial examples.

* Communication and verification of architecture design and its rationale
   (CVAR): The project CVAR aims to define methods, techniques and tools for
   specifying, communicating and verifying software systems through the use of
   graphical notations. These notations have well-defined semantics and can be
   analysed through simulating the dynamics of the software models so that the
   software systems can be communicated easily and the possible errors can be
   detected conveniently before extensive programming effort is carried
   out. This project adopts design rationale analysis and model checking

* Runtime verification of protocols (RTVPRO): The RTVPRO projects develops
   method, techniques and tools for the specification and verification of
   dynamically configurable software systems (such as systems with dynamically
   configured protocols) through the combined use of runtime verification,
   runtime model-driven engineering, and model checking techniques. In
   addition, this project develops techniques to check the conformance of
   architecture models with respect to the actual execution of software that it

We offer

* Excellent research environment. The Software Technology Group at the
   University of Twente provides an excellent research environment
   with intensive supervision.

* Excellent carrier opportunity at Aselsan. The candidates will be employed
   by Aselsan and will be assigned to carry on the Ph.D. program at University
   of Twente. After succesfully completing the Ph.D. degree, they will continue
   with working at Aselsan.

* Excellent education environment. The University of Twente offers advanced
   courses in the topics that are relevant for these projects*. The
   Ph.D. candidates will mainly carry out research activities; they will be
   asked to follow courses in the areas that are considered relevant and

* Team work of Research & Industry. The faculty members, Aselsan and
   Ph.D. candidates will cooperate to address complex industrial
   problems. Projects will be carried out with Aselsan located in Ankara,
   Turkey. Frequent visits will be made to the company to identify the relevant
   industrial issues and to validate the applicability of the proposed

* Open to the scientific world. Publications, presentations at workshops and
   conferences are expected as part of the outcome, and visits to relevant
   research teams in the world will be encouraged.

* Excellent campus environment. The University of Twente is located in a very
   beautiful campus with extensive sporting and recreation possibilities.

Your application

To be eligible for the above projects, you must be in possession of:

* A Master of Science degree in Computer Science/Engineering and/or
   Electrical Engineering
* Fluency in English in speaking and in writing
* Ambition to combine academic work with industry
* Turkish citizenship
* Excellent study performance
* Evidence of creativity

The applicants who fulfill the conditions above should mail an application
letter indicating the project they are applying for (see list above) with a
clear motivation, a CV with a list of courses taken and projects carried out
previously, an electronic copy of the MSc thesis and of any publications, and
two references, to

* Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akşit, Chair Software Engineering, m.aksit at utwente.nl
* Mrs. Jeanette Rebel-de Boer, j.a.deboer at utwente.nl

Applications must arrive on or before 15 November 2013.

Information about the position at Aselsan can be obtained from Özgü Özköse
Erdoğan, ASELSAN, REHİS Mission Software Manager, ozkose at aselsan.com.tr.

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