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Special Issue on Data and Artifact-Centric Business Process Management
Springer Computing Journal


Traditionally, research in the field of Business Process Management 
(BPM) has focused on studying control-flow aspects of business processes 
independently from data aspects. The separation of concerns between 
control-flow and data has been fruitful and has enabled the development 
of various foundational theories and methods for BPM. However, the 
limits of theories and methods built on this separation of concerns are 
now becoming evident, particularly with the increasing pressure to 
support ad hoc and flexible business processes, where control-flow is 
often intermingled with data.

In recent years, various approaches (such as the object-centric, 
business artifacts, and case management approaches) have emerged that 
emphasize integration of data and control as key pillars to support the 
specification, analysis, enactment, and interoperation of flexible and 
rich business processes. The prominence of data is especially 
significant in connection with declarative styles of process 
specification, because it provides a rich vocabulary not available in 
process-centric BPM. From the scientific as well as the practical point 
of view it is critical to study the fundamental relationships, 
characteristics and properties of these emerging integrated approaches, 
where data and processes are considered together.

Goal and Topics
The goal of this special issue is to provide an outlet for mature 
state-of-the-art research advances pertaining to data- and 
artifact-centric approaches to Business Process Management.

The special issue invites submissions that investigate the interplay 
between data and control flow aspects of BPM. Topics within the scope of 
the special issue include, but are not limited to:
- Integrated data and process modeling
- Artifact-centric process modeling
- Declarative and constraint-based process modeling
- Data-centric flexible process management
- Case management
- Data-centric collaborative and knowledge-driven business processes
- Discovery and mining of data-enriched process models
- Data-centric conformance and compliance management
- Integrated data and process management on the Cloud
- Composition and interoperation of data-centric processes
- Analysis of data-centric/artifact-centric processes
- Foundations of data and process integration
- Data-centric process monitoring and performance management
- Case studies and empirical studies on Data- & Artifact-centric BPM

Submission Instructions
Authors should submit manuscripts abiding to the guidelines of Springer 
Computing and using the same procedure as for regular papers submitted 
to Computing, except that authors should indicate that the submission is 
intended for the special issue on Data and Artifact-Centric BPM. The 
submission system can be accessed from the journal's website:

In the case of papers that are extended versions of previously published 
workshop or conference papers, the extended version should contain at 
least 30% additional technical content relative to the original paper.

Key Dates
- Submission deadline: 2 January 2014
- First round of reviews sent: 15 April 2014
- Revised submissions due: 15 June 2014
- Final notification: 31 August 2014

Guest Editors
- Marlon Dumas, University of Tartu (firstname.lastname at ut.ee)
- Richard Hull, IBM Research (lastname at us.ibm.com)
- Fabio Patrizi, Sapienza University of Rome (lastname at dis.uniroma1.it)

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