[ecoop-info] NSF Workshop on Self-Organizing Particle Systems (with SODA'14)

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Tue Oct 22 16:27:28 CEST 2013


Registration is now open at http://sops2014.cs.upb.de/registration.html 


  SOPS 2014
  NSF Workshop on Self-Organizing Particle Systems
  January 8, 2014, co-located with SODA


The goal of this NSF-sponsored workshop is to bring together people from the
theory and practice of self-organizing physical and biological systems in
order to report on recent advances in this area and to identify directions
for interdisciplinary research that may help shape the future of the field.
The one-day meeting will consist of several invited talks and discussion
sessions around four major research areas, namely

- amorphous computing,
- self-organizing robotic systems,
- self-organizing biological systems, and
- self-assembling DNA

Invited speakers: 

Bernard Chazelle (Princeton U.)	  Nikolaus Correll (U. Colorado Boulder)
Eric Klavins     (U. of Washington)   John Reif        (Duke University)
Andrea Richa     (Arizona State U.)   Rebecca Schulman (Johns Hopkins U.)
Erik Winfree     (Caltech)            Mark Yim         (U. Pennsylvania)

Andrea W. Richa       Arizona State University, USA 
Christian Scheideler  University of Paderborn, Germany

For more information, including the workshop program, please consult 


Early registration deadline: December 2, 2013

NSF-funded travel grants are available for PhD students, postdocs, women,
and under-represented minorities. Application deadline: November 17, 2013

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