[ecoop-info] MFPS 2014: last call for papers

Alexandra Silva A.Silva at science.ru.nl
Mon Apr 7 12:55:39 CEST 2014

This is the Last Call for Papers for MFPS XXX. Details of the meeting are given below.

                     MFPS XXX

           Thirtieth Conference on the
          Mathematical Foundations of
             Programming Semantics

               Cornell University
                 Ithaca, NY USA
              12 - 15 June 2014

The Thirtieth Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of
Programming Semantics will take place on the campus of the
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA from June 12 through June 15, 2014.
MFPS conferences are devoted to those areas of mathematics, logic,
and computer science that are related to models of computation, in
general, and to the semantics of programming languages, in
particular. The series has particularly stressed providing a forum
where researchers in mathematics and computer science can meet and
exchange ideas about problems of common interest. As the series also
strives to maintain breadth in its scope, the conference strongly
encourages participation by researchers in neighboring areas.

TOPICS include, but are not limited to, the following: biocomputation;
concurrent qualitative and quantitative distributed systems; process
calculi; probabilistic systems; constructive mathematics; domain
theory and categorical models; formal languages; formal methods; game
semantics; lambda calculus; programming-language theory; quantum
computation; security; topological models; logic; type systems; type
theory. We also welcome contributions that address applications of
semantics to novel areas such as complex systems, markets, and
networks, for example.


Nick Benton, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
Andy Gordon, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
Elham Kashefi, University of Edinburgh, UK
Prakash Panangaden, McGill University, Canada
Alexandra Silva, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

SPECIAL SESSIONS: There will be two special sessions at the meeting,
each associated with one of the plenary talks:

* Probabilistic computing, organized by Andy Gordon

* Quantum Computing, organized by Elham Kashefi

Additional special sessions also may be organized.

There also will be a series of TUTORIAL LECTURES during
the meeting - the topic and list of speakers are still
being arranged.

The Program Committee for MFPS XXX is being co-chaired by
Bart Jacobs, Alexandra Silva and Sam Staton (Radboud University).
The other members of the PC are:

Steve Awodey, CMU, USA
Andrej Bauer, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Steve Brookes, CMU, USA
Pierre Clairambault, ENS Lyon, FR
Martin Escardo, Birmingham UK
Fabio Gadducci, Pisa IT
Ichiro Hasuo, Tokyo JP
Martin Hofmann, LMU Muenchen DE
Achim Jung, Birmingham UK
Shin-Ya Katsumata, Kyoto JP
Naoki Kobayashi, Tokyo JP
Dexter Kozen, Cornell USA
Conor McBride, Strathclyde UK
Guy McCusker, Bath UK
Annabelle McIver, Macquarie AU
Catherine Meadows, NRL USA
Stefan Milius, Erlangen-Nuernberg DE
Michael Mislove, Tulane USA
Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg, ITU Copenhagen DK
Joel Ouaknine, Oxford UK
Prakash Panangaden, McGill CA
Daniela Petrisan, Leicester UK
Alex Simpson, Edinburgh UK
Jamie Vicary, Oxford UK
Nobuko Yoshida, Imperial College UK


- 11 April 2014         Paper submission deadline
-  9 May 2014           Notification to authors
- 19 May 2014           Preliminary proceedings version due

SUBMISSIONS should be prepared using ENTCS Macros, available from
http://www.entcs.org Submissions should be in the form of a PDF file
not exceeding 15 pages in length. Submissions are open on the
EasyChair website:

PROCEEDINGS: There will be a preliminary proceedings of the
conference papers that will be distributed at the meeting, with a
final proceedings published in ENTCS after the meeting.

The Organizers of the MFPS series are Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana),
Stephen Brookes (CMU), Achim Jung (Birmingham), Catherine
Meadows (NRL), Michael Mislove (Tulane), Joel Ouaknine (Oxford)
and Prakash Panangaden (McGill).

The local arrangements for MFPS XXX are being overseen
by Dexter Kozen (Cornell).


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